Not another dern Tee Vee lawyer: Slabbed takes a second peek at Scott Walker lawyer Bernie Grimm

Bernie Grimm

I noticed we sent several outclicks up to Bernie Grimm, Scott Walker’s Washington DC based attorney from my last post on Scott Walker’s recent meltdown. After I hit “publish” it occurred to me I already knew Bernie (well kinda anyway) from his time as a talking head on Greta Van Susteren’s Fox news show. Since we are fairly well read in local legal circles I thought a follow-up post was in order as this Walker saga will be with us for a while from the looks of things.

After doing a bit of googling on Bernie, I found his life and times in ways mirror better known Grimm’s fairy tales so lets begin with the Cat and Mouse in Partnership and examine how a criminal defense lawyer ends up working at a white collar crime firm:

After 20 years of defending the District’s street-level criminals, solo practitioner Bernard (a.k.a. Bernie) Grimm is preparing to concentrate on white-collar defense. He will start as a partner in the white-collar group at Cozen O’Connor on Jan. 1st. Continue reading “Not another dern Tee Vee lawyer: Slabbed takes a second peek at Scott Walker lawyer Bernie Grimm”

Wind damage – this time no flood!

As Sop reported, weather was the big  story here over the weekend.  Governor Barbour described the damage in his home county of Yazoo as looking “like Katrina”.  This photograph, found in the Clarion Ledger’s excellent coverage of the story, is an example of the Katrina-like damage the Governor could see from his helicopter view.

Without any doubt, a tornado is a windstorm; but, What is a Tornado? points out  common misunderstanding about these deadly storms – and the  photograph that follows, one Sop took after Katrina,  points out Governor Barbour was right when he claimed the tornado damage was a Katrina-look-alike:

The most widely-accepted definition of a tornado can be found in, among other sources, the Glossary of Meteorology…corrected in the new Glossary (Glickman 2000).

Tornado — 1. A violently rotating column of air, in contact with the ground, either pendant from a cumuliform cloud or underneath a cumuliform cloud, and often (but not always) visible as a funnel cloud.

Since it is the wind associated with the rotating air column that does the damage, it is the moving air (wind) and not the cloud that constitutes the tornado…. (Doswell, Cooperative Institute for Mesoscale Meteorological Studies; Norman, Oklahoma)

Two look-alike photographs of damage – one from each storm.  Can you guess which storm caused the damage in the photograph below the jump? Continue reading “Wind damage – this time no flood!”

Slabbed checking in for Mr CLS: “Everything is gone…”

Obviously we did well here in the southern part of the state. Nowdy was closer to the action but also should be fine. Not everyone is doing so well though as Elizabeth Crisp of the Clarion Ledger reports:

Ten deaths have been reported: five in Choctaw County, four in Yazoo County and one in Holmes County.

On Sunday, nearly 80 Mississippi National Guardsmen patrolled Choctaw and Yazoo counties – the areas hardest hit. Dozens of state troopers also went to the affected areas to help.

The storms are being called the state’s worst natural disaster since Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Continue reading “Slabbed checking in for Mr CLS: “Everything is gone…””