Since we’re talking drunk driving today how about this from a reader.

I am familar with the story of northshore resident Ashlee Stokes and her very unfortunate run in with a drunk driver. Turns out she was able to return to school recently, almost two years after her accident. Doug Mouton at WWL TV has the story

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Slabbed finds former hedge fund manager Andrew Lahde at a “420 celebration”.

October 17, 2008

Today I write not to gloat. Given the pain that nearly everyone is experiencing, that would be entirely inappropriate. Nor am I writing to make further predictions, as most of my forecasts in previous letters have unfolded or are in the process of unfolding. Instead, I am writing to say good-bye.

So wrote former hedge fund manager Andrew Lahde as he opened his farewell letter to his investors after hitting the jackpot shorting often talked about but little known financial instruments with acronyms like RMBS, CMBS, ABS, etc the public would later know as “toxic paper”. This wasn’t just any farewell letter though as Ladhe would later make clear as we continue:

So this is it.  With all due respect, I am dropping out.  Please do not expect any type of reply to emails or voice mails within normal time frames or at all.

So it is clear Andrew is done. He gives us a hint as to his future plans as he closes his letter: Continue reading “Slabbed finds former hedge fund manager Andrew Lahde at a “420 celebration”.”

Slabbed again visits the topic of drunk driving as we tie a few things together. Craig Codina meet Scott Walker.

Driving under the influence has been very topical of late here on Slabbed as we’ve ended up with a series of posts that began with Jim Brown’s January 12, 2010 column on Louisiana’s dysfunctional DWI laws, continuing with our examination of why DWI enforcement in Jefferson Parish Louisiana stink as we examined the case of Craig Codina, a serial drunk driver who ended up killing 30-year-old Sandra Stevens of New Orleans in August 2009. For those newer readers who want to catch up, the short version of the Jefferson Parish story is that the attorney position responsible for overseeing prosecution of such matters in Jefferson Parish is filled by a political hack in disgraced former Parish President Aaron Broussard’s daughter in law Norma. Of course incomps have to be put in such positions and Slabbed rightfully called out Norma’s boss DA Paul Connick and the Times Picayune for making excuses for him in straight news reporting. (I’ll be circling back to that Connick post in a bit.) Not one to be left out, we next profiled Jefferson Parish Sheriff Newell Normand, a lawman who must be a big believer in second chances as he finally got rid of drunk deputy Dominick Imbornone after he was caught dead drunk behind the wheel of his police car for a second time! As the video embed followup I posted clearly indicates dead drunk was not too strong a phrase to describe Imbornone.

Now that everyone is caught up lets begin by catching up the coverage here at Slabbed as Codina finally received justice after killing Ms Stevens in his 5th DWI as Paul Purpura reported for the Times Picayune: Continue reading “Slabbed again visits the topic of drunk driving as we tie a few things together. Craig Codina meet Scott Walker.”

“power to issue regulations is not power to change the law” – Rigsbys issue subpoena duces tecum to FEMA

“…power to issue regulations is not power to change the law…”
US v. New England Coal and Coke Company

SLABBED talked the Maurstad Expedited Claim Handling Process last October.  Of course, we talked among ourselves.  Attorneys for the Rigsby sisters, however,  are going to be talking with  FEMA – Notice of Issuance of Subpoena Duces Tecum to Federal Emergency Management Agency.

If they sold tickets, I’d buy one!  Of course, if I lived in DC, I could also stop by the Capitol tomorrow.  According to Anita Lee’s blog, Congressman Gene Taylor is one of four congressional panelists testifying before a House Financial Services subcommittee.

[Chairwoman Maxine] Waters is expected to allow Taylor and the other congressmen/panelists to join subcommittee members in questioning the second panel: FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate and a member of the Government Accountability Office.

No guess about what Taylor might ask but no need to guess about the topics that will be covered at the deposition – they’re listed in the subpoena:

Topics upon which testimony will be taken:
1.The procedures, regulations, or other rules to adjust flood claims caused by Hurricane Katrina. This topic includes the procedures set forth in the Adjusters Claims Manual and the modifications of those procedures set forth in FEMA MEMORANDAW-5038, dated August 29,2005; W-5040, dated August 31, 2005; W-5042, dated September 1,2005;
W-5054,dated September 21,2005, W-5056, dated October 14,2005; W-5066, dated October 14,2005; W-5071, dated October 21,2005; and W-5076, dated October 31,2005 (collectively, the “Katrina Memos”) Continue reading ““power to issue regulations is not power to change the law” – Rigsbys issue subpoena duces tecum to FEMA”