Signals that former Jefferson Parish Attorney Tom Wilkinson is going down

Drew Broach at the Times Picayune has the details:

Five days after his brother quit as chief attorney for Jefferson Parish government, amid a federal criminal investigation of Parish President Aaron Broussard’s administration, U.S. Magistrate Judge Jay Wilkinson disqualified himself from presiding over all criminal cases in federal court, according to court records released today.

In his March 8 order, Wilkinson cited a federal law requiring that a judge step aside from “any proceeding in which his impartiality might reasonably be questioned.”

We covered Magistrate Wilkinson in Frught, a case where he sanctioned State Farm for lying in discovery. Until the Jefferson Parish political corruption scandal broke we had heard only very good things about Magistrate Wilkinson. Since that time such has been a different matter and what we are hearing is mirrored in the comments to Drew Broach’s story linked above, our readers either highly respect the man or think he is a crook with seemingly no middle ground. Continue reading “Signals that former Jefferson Parish Attorney Tom Wilkinson is going down”

Systemic Denial: A Corban v USAA postscript

First the systemic:

Insurance companies basically sell security. A consumer is willing to pay insurance premiums in the expectation that if something bad happens—a house burns down, a car crashes—the company will pay for the loss that otherwise might financially ruin the consumer.

I had homeowners (wind/hail) through USAA, I also purchased my flood coverage through USAA. After Katrina I had a slab and pilings left. The National Flood Insurance policy paid off fairly quickly. Concerning my Wind/Hail coverage, USAA sent me a letter saying “Where there is no coverage, no payment can be made”. I decided to fight them. I attended the State Ins. Dept. sponsored arbitration, where USAA offered my about ten cents on the dollar. I signed an impasse statement and did not accept their offer. I hired my own experts (structure and weather) and kept the pressure on USAA. Approaching the 3 year anniversary of Katrina, USAA sent me a check for the full insured value of my home with no explanation. I lost the interest on the payment for three years

Now for the complete denial. This from team USAA last October: Continue reading “Systemic Denial: A Corban v USAA postscript”