SLABBED follows “’s EXCLUSIVE Interview with Ivor van Heerden on recent federal judge has learned new information regarding U.S. District Judge James Brady’s decision not to require Louisiana State University (LSU) to rehire Dr. Ivor van Heerden immediately.

“This is encouraging news,” said van Heerden in a phone interview with Sandy Rosenthal. “Judge Brady has ordered an injunction trial on May 19 which means early in the litigation process, LSU will be forced to articulate exactly why they fired me.”

By allowing the injunction trial, says van Heerden, Judge Brady is indicating that he feels there are grounds for keeping him employed. Furthermore, using stern words, the Judge let LSU know that he will order a restraining order requiring LSU to rehire van Heerden if he is harassed.

When asked about LSU’s portrayal of van Heerden as ‘temporary labor,’ van Heerden said that was ‘non-sense.’

“I had a permanent hard-money academic position,” said van Heerden. “It was funded by the state for the last 15 years.”

SLABBED reported on “LSU’s portrayal of van Heerden as ‘temporary labor'” in yesterday’s post on Judge Brady’s decision.  After picking up’s “EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Ivor van Heerden on recent federal judge’s decision” on the Editilla’s New Orleans News Ladder, SLABBED went to the source documents for more.

LSU’s attorneys with the reindeer-sounding name of  Kantrow, Spaht, Weaver & Blitzer removed van Heerden’s case from State court on the 5th of March – and, in doing so, LSU made it much easier for SLABBED and others to follow as the case make its way through the Federal court.

On March 15, 2010, ten days following defendant LSU’s removal of the case from Louisiana’s 19th Judicial District Court, the KSW&B attorneys representing LSU filed an Ex Parte Motion Requesting Extension of Time to File Responsive Pleadings: Continue reading “SLABBED follows “’s EXCLUSIVE Interview with Ivor van Heerden on recent federal judge”

Stop using my tax dollars to protect violators of Parish Law

AN OPEN LETTER TO THE PARISH OF JEFFERSON from Anne Marie Vandenweghe, Citizen

It is interesting to note that the law firm of Phelps Dunbar is appearing on behalf of the Parish of Jefferson and ALL NAMED RESPONDENTS in the Whistle blower lawsuit I filed recently.

Since when does the Parish defend PRIVATE INDIVIDUALS?

And if the Parish does represent private individuals why am I not afforded the same protection? Surely my whistle blowing is of greater worth to the Parish than the corrupt behavior of the person/persons on whom I have blown the whistle. Continue reading “Stop using my tax dollars to protect violators of Parish Law”