“No matter how long we’ve been together Edith, you still, as the kids say, ‘turn me over’.” Ashton O’Dwyer files for rehearing at 5th Circuit.

We have some new documents in the ongoing saga of Ashton O’Dwyer v the local federal court system and a quick update on the criminal case. Let’s tackle the appeal of the dismissal of his Judicial misconduct complaint by quoting from a recent email Ashton sent to the 5th Circuit:

I recall getting very “angry” at St. Amant’s letter of 7/02/09, because:(1) I aver, upon information and belief, that St. Amant is an “enabler” and co-conspirator with Dennis, and is as culpable as Dennis or any of the other judges in connection with the dismissal of Case No.08-30052; (2) I thought that St. Amant was “setting me up for a fall”, which unfortunately became reality, when Chief Judge Jones dismissed my Complaints summarily, without even reading my Complaints, much less considering my exhibits; and (3) St. Amant’s letter indicated to me that the Chief Judge (no doubt with St.Amant) was not even reading my quite detailed Complaints of Judicial Misconduct of: (a) 4/14/09, 4/16/09 and 4/27/09, which meticulously detailed with precision: (i)¬†Allegations of prohibited ex parte communications by Fifth Circuit Judges, also identifying with whom they communiciated, and about what subject(s); (ii) The civil rights violations perpetrated against me by a large number of people, and which included my abduction, brutalization, torture and false imprisonment; and (iii) The specific Canons within the Code of Conduct for United States Judges which I alleged the Judges violated. Notwithstanding my anger, I did respond in writing to St. Amant’s letter of of 7/02/09 by Amended Complaint of Judicial Misconduct against Duval and Lemelle, which included a handwritten note on an E-mail to me from St.Amant on 7/28/09, in which I specifically stated: “This guy (referring to St. Amant), the Court’s ‘GATEKEEPER’, is part of ‘the problem’, and should be relieved of any duties in connection with my complaint(s) of judicial misconduct.”

Following is his petition courtesy of Scribd:

[scribd id=29902591 key=key-m3so1azdos4hcp57i25 mode=list]

Regarding the criminal case Nowdy emailed me me the following minute entry from Monday:

Jury Trial set for 7/21/2010 09:00 AM before Donald E Walter. Pretrial Conference set for 6/21/2010 10:00 AM before Donald E Walter. Signed by Clerk (jtd) (Entered: 04/12/2010)


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