Another turd floats to the surface of the Jefferson Parish Government cesspool.

Val Bracy at Fox 8 adds the law firm of Burglass and Tankersley to that Tim Whitmer double-dealing insurance-corruption woodpile. the report also had this interesting quip:

A search of Whitmer’s parish e-mail showed that he sold insurance to several parish contractors, and also hired then Parish President Aaron Broussard to find him clients.


2 thoughts on “Another turd floats to the surface of the Jefferson Parish Government cesspool.”

  1. And what a large cesspool it is! Getting larger by the day as information about the ongoing criminal investigation into the activities of Broussard/Whitmer/Wilkinson, et. al. emerge. Watch the land deals, folks, because some of the polotical rats that had fed at the trough in JP for so many years have migrated the the Coast.

  2. How much did Burglass and Tankersly receive for representing Aaron Broussard and Jefferson Parish for sending away the pump operators and the Doomsday Plan?

    How long will the Parish continue to do business with vendors associated with Tim Whimer?

    Land deals? Would that involve Planning and Code Enforcement?

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