Here is another Easter Egg for you Dane Ciolino fans

It could be curtains but them NOPD guys that capped those innocent poeple on Danziger Bridge after Katrina.

“The government is clearly laying the groundwork through this guilty plea and no doubt through other debriefings for a federal civil rights lawsuit that could result in perhaps even a death penalty case being brought against one or more of these officers,” said Loyola Law Professor Dane Ciolino.

Now y’all be sweet in the commentshear.


One thought on “Here is another Easter Egg for you Dane Ciolino fans”

  1. I’m just curious – how many civil rights cases or criminal cases has Mr. Ciolino handled in his illustrious career as a trial attorney that enables him to make such comments? I’m not offering any substantive assessment by the question, kind of like when the weatherman says “It’s raining.” Just wondering, that’s all.

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