Here is an easter egg for you Dane Ciolino fans

Dane Ciolino, an unabashed Slabbed fan was on the radio today stating the obvious:

Loyola Law professor Dane Ciolino says it appears that U.S. Attorney Jim (Letten) is intent on targeting the remaining members of the Danziger 7 on federal homicide charges, and not just covering up the shootings.

“I think that’s almost an absolute certainty,” Ciolino said. “The evidence disclosed today reflects a very different picture of what happened on the Danziger that we’ve all heard the last couple of years.”

4 NOPD up on big time fed homicide charges. Meantime those that only had the living snot knocked out of them still await justice.

We’re certainly following Jim Letten’s progress on the Danziger incident even if our blogging on the topic is sparce.

Happy Easter Dane. 😉


10 thoughts on “Here is an easter egg for you Dane Ciolino fans”

  1. Isn’t he representing Tim Whitmer on ethics violations? Go figure……. I seem to recall that was mentioned in the Times-Picyune. Does anyone know if that’s still true? Is Ciolino still representing Tim Whitmer?

  2. Nolakat, Ciolino is still representing Whitmer. It was Dane commenting upon the Broussard curatorships earned him his place to what the lifers here would call the Do Slabb Inn.

    I could be wrong but I don’t think Clarence Darrow on his best day could save Whitmer.


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  4. Dane Ciolino, defender of whoever is willing to pay to play. Exactly how do you talk out of both sides of your mouth, oh great ethics poo bah?

    Very erudite comments, Sock Puppet. I’ll bet I know where you went to school – Warren Easton, right? But, to the meat of the matter – dead on!

  5. The same Dane Ciolino who went after tobacco lawyers for their “excessive” fees when the attorneys netted the State of Louisiana billions of dollars through their efforts.

    As a plaintiff’s lawyer who has spent the better part of 5 years litigating against big business, I don’t think Mr. Ciolino necessarily reflets the beliefs of all the practicing lawyers in southeast Louisiana.

    What about the “ethics” of insurance companies? We could write and teach a 3 year course on that one. Anybody up for it?

  6. Ok Sock Puppet, I got it…If I graft a Danus with a Narcissus I will end up with a Ciolinissus, which flowers every year during our law school graduations.

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