Here is an easter egg for you Dane Ciolino fans

Dane Ciolino, an unabashed Slabbed fan was on the radio today stating the obvious:

Loyola Law professor Dane Ciolino says it appears that U.S. Attorney Jim (Letten) is intent on targeting the remaining members of the Danziger 7 on federal homicide charges, and not just covering up the shootings.

“I think that’s almost an absolute certainty,” Ciolino said. “The evidence disclosed today reflects a very different picture of what happened on the Danziger that we’ve all heard the last couple of years.”

4 NOPD up on big time fed homicide charges. Meantime those that only had the living snot knocked out of them still await justice.

We’re certainly following Jim Letten’s progress on the Danziger incident even if our blogging on the topic is sparce.

Happy Easter Dane. 😉


Map to Senator Wicker’s Insurance Roundtable – starts @9:00am tomorrow

If you’re not familiar with the area, you’ll need two maps – one to the college and one to Building D, the Arena Theater, where the Roundtable will be held. For directions to the college, visit the MGCCC website and type your location into Map Quest.  Once inside the main entrance to the campus, Building D is to your right, as shown on the map below:

Everybody’s somebody’s plaything – “Aaron Broussard practicing law, keeping low profile”

It seems the busier Sop gets with taxes, the more my allergies act up; but, it was no allergy attack that set my head spinning Sunday morning.  I thought I was hallucinating when I clicked on the Times Picayune and saw “Aaron Broussard practicing law, keeping low profile“.  So, who is he – the man who “pulled the plug” and flooded Jefferson Parish with both water and questionable contracts following Katrina or the seemingly likable fellow “spending a lot of his time with his children and…his mom” that “seems almost relieved to step aside from his long life in local politics”?

Before the campaigns, the fundraisers, the social events; before the titles of School Board member, Parish Council member, mayor and parish president; before the investigations, subpoenas and resignations, Broussard was a small-time lawyer in Kenner.

Thirty-five years after he first entered a political office and 11 weeks after he left his last, he is that again.

Richard Raney pulled me in with that lead and, then, took me to a place that only seemed familiar:

Broussard has quietly returned to practicing law at the Kenner firm where he worked part-time throughout his six years as Jefferson Parish president: D’Aquila, Volk, Mullins and Contreras, said Greg Buisson, his media adviser.

Am I the only one who found it odd that Broussard had time to work a part-time job while serving as Parish president?  I had to wonder because Rainey wrote over that and moved on: Continue reading “Everybody’s somebody’s plaything – “Aaron Broussard practicing law, keeping low profile””