2 thoughts on “Editilla live at Neutral Ground Coffee House – 8pm sharp, April 9th”

  1. Aw’Dat! Thanks Youz, Nowdy!
    Neutral Ground is such a Real Coffee House, as opposed to a Coffee Shop. I mean, they go back to the Coffee House days. I don’t have any idea if anyone knows what I’m talking about wit’dat. Coffee Houses were where things got… done. Names like “The Bitter Lemon” or “The Oh’So” or “Until the Waiting Fills” may not ring bells, but that bell is tollin’fo thee I’m tollin’yaz.
    I had never run into an audience like the Neutral Ground. They know what it means.
    But… after the flood I put the guitar down. Deep Down In the Ground.
    But… those days are over.
    I plan to throw down.

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