BREAKING: Anne Marie Vandenweghe ordered reinstated by Little Pup.

Val Bracy has the story for Fox 8. Here is a snippet:

Parish President Steve Theriot put Vandenweghe on paid leave last month. Vandenweghe says she was accused of blogging on parish time.

A letter she received from Theriot on Wednesday says the parish has finished a preliminary investigation but the letter makes no reference to blogging.

“It appears the direction of the investigation went from my alleged blogging, which was non-existent, and my internet surfing. Now there’s a reference to my having done some work for my daughter who is in college and/or to my mediation work; mediation work I haven’t done since 2007 and that was prior to going full-time at the parish.” Vandenweghe believes Theriot’s decision to suspend her was based on bad information from other unnamed employees with ulterior motives.

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What a performance! Donelon lip synchs the State Farm Song

Maybe the Commission can’t carry a tune in a bucket – or maybe there’s something else in the bucket he’s carrying.  Whatever the reason, Jim Donelon is definitely out of tune with the voters when he lip synchs the State Farm song.

The Times Picayune has the story:  State Farm tries again for a rate increase on Louisiana homes.

State Farm Fire and Casualty Co., the state’s largest residential insurer, is asking for an average 9.9 percent rate increase for homeowners coverage in Louisiana.

The filing with the Department of Insurance comes just over a month after Insurance Commissioner Jim Donelon rejected the company’s request for an average 19.1 percent rate hike. Donelon called that proposal unreasonable and unjustified…

That “unreasonable and unjustified proposal” has been replaced with the same song, second verse: Continue reading “What a performance! Donelon lip synchs the State Farm Song”


We’re back at the fork of the road and continuing with the second part of Forked! “Bifurcation for Dummies”… Our first source document is the 53 pages of correspondence between State Farm’s Butler-Snow attorneys Bob Galloway and Jeffrey Walker and August Matteis attorney for the Rigsby sisters, exhibits from State Farm’s 420-page Motion to Compel.

In the first of this two-part post, we learned State Farm translates “bifurcation” as we go our way and you go both ways” and Matteis takes Judge Senter as a man of his word.   In the remaining two letters, Jeffery Walker fills in for Galloway.  Although no small feat considering the size of Galloway’s e-pistol, Wright condenses Galloway’s points into four pages and fattens the straw man. Clearly, State Farm refuses to bifurcate Scruggs while Matteis presses on with his insistence the first trial is all about the McIntosh claim.

Matteis is so consistent with his fidelity to the Court’s direction that we will also take a look at the Relators’ Expedited Motion to Compel Haag Engineering Co. to Produce Documents and Answer Interrogatories Prior to the Depositions of Tim Marshall and Paul O’Connor and the role roles played by Haag’s counsel, Larry Canada – but first, Continue reading “Forked!”