Dear Gang, there appears to be a problem. Love Anne Marie. XOXO

Folks I could be wrong but methinks this is known in polite society as exercer une pression sur les testicules.

We don’t bite so if someone should be moved to make an official appearance we’re all ears. The following just in from team Vandenweghe.

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13 thoughts on “Dear Gang, there appears to be a problem. Love Anne Marie. XOXO”

  1. Ok. So there is candidate-for-judge DEBBIE VILLIO on Fox 8 stating as plain as the nose on her face that had she known she would have been caught she never would have broken the law. And now there is PEGGY BARTON with her sleight-of-hand Parish Attorney Office Organizational Charts. And the never-present DEBRA MILLER YENNI, the go-to girl for the Ethically Challenged who just doesn’t want to talk about it.

    When a Public Record request was submitted from Val Bracy of Fox 8 in January 2010 asking for the CURRENT PAO organizational chart
    (essentially as a follow-up to Ms. Bracy’s Paralegal expose) BARTON apparently took it upon herself to hurriedly ‘fix’ the chart to ‘disappear’ the box with Karen Parker Broussard’s name in it from under BARTON’s supervision. I use the term hurriedly because BARTON followed that same day with a revised revised Chart having removed Wm. Bill Fortenberry ( Risk Management guru) from her Litigation Committee box. Now there is another huge question mark begging answers.

    Unfortunately for BARTON the ‘current’ chart hanging on numerous bulletin boards around the Parish Attorney’s offices showed very clearly that on the date Val Bracy made her request the box with Karen Parker Broussard was firmly attached to BARTON who was listed as Peggy Barton, Administrator.

    A request for all organizational charts for the Parish of Jefferson shows that from about March 2007 up to and including January 26, 2010 BARTON was in charge of Karen Parker Broussard.

    The charts from 1990 through the present show they were periodically revised as often as three times a year and Karen Parker Broussard remained firmly attached to PEGGY BARTON and/or DEBRA MILLER YENNI until January 2010 when the Fox 8 Bracy Public Record Request was submitted.

    Imagine everyone’s surprise when they also showed: MISS-MANAGEMENT! Miss DEBRA MILLER YENNI and Ms. PEGGY BARTON.

    PAO charts for 7/21/04 and 7/25/05 and 6/25/06: Debra Miller Yenni as Deputy Parish Attorney with the dreaded Karen Parker Broussard box attached to her as ADMINISTRATIVE DEBRA MILLER YENNI. Oh my was Ms. Yenni in on the deal back then? Is that why she is so reticent to come forward to discuss her involvement as the Ethics go-to girl during the Whitmer-Wilkinson legal revisionist period.

    And then, and then?
    3/28/07 and 7/28/08 and 5/11/09 and 7/23/09 and 8/24/09: PEGGY BARTON as Deputy Parish Attorney with the AAAGH! Karen Parker Broussard box under her direct supervision.

    So apparently, from about July 2004 or so, either DEBRA MILLER YENNI or PEGGY BARTON was directly responsible for KAREN PARKER BROUSSARD.

    And then abracadabra! POOF! the Karen Parker Broussard box magically disappears on or about January 27, 2010. Where in the world is Karen Parker Broussard? And why wasn’t anyone in charge (DEBRA MILLER YENNI OR PEGGY BARTON) doing their job and supervising her whereabouts and work habits.

    BARTON maybe can be explained because of her frequent flyer miles to KOREA to visit her hubby over the last several years. No worries she can be contacted by email after 4:30 pm New Orleans time. Hope she didn’t dress down on Fridays while over there: no jeans, tennis shoes or collar-less shirts. And no faxes on company machines, unless of course you can do it and not get caught.

    MILLER-YENNI on the other hand? IDK. Too close to retirement to JUST SAY NO? Go along to get along. Oh yes let’s all vote for her friend DEBBIE VILLIO. The other one who would not have broken the law if she knew she was going to get caught.

    So many charts so little time. Ciao.

  2. I have to wonder….does anyone know if Karen Parker-Broussard actually showed up for work every day? She was receiving a pay check, so someone had to be accounting for her time and attendance in an electronic payroll system, right?

  3. You should contact Ms. Peggy Barton, acting Parish Attorney at present, and former 1st assistant under Mr. Wilkinson prior to his resignation. Ms. Barton, as 1st assistant, was the managerial supervisor for all para-legals and asst. parish attorneys. Good luck on getting an answer, or for that matter, any answer.

    Or in an alternative universe, you could call Mr. Gruntz,, now acting 1st asst parish attorney. He may be able to help you, assuming he remembers he works there, or remembers he is there or if he has any recollection one way or the other, about anything whatsoever. Again, good luck on that one.

    1. You got that right. Remember when Steve Theriot wanted to speak with all the concerned citizens? Such excuse was the one he used after he tried to forcibly out the people who were leaving comments on the T-P stories. Pure thuggery under the color of law in support of the attempted cover up IMHO.

      And of course where does Theriot end up after leaving the employment of Jefferson Parish? Why of course at AG Buddy Caldwell’s place, who, along with Paul Connick have been completely MIA as the largest public corruption scandals in a generation literally break across the entire state and especially in Jefferson Parish.

      There are things Anne Marie won’t comment upon. One burning question in my mind is whether or not she already had copies of what she filed them PRRs for. If so, there are some folks that are in a world of trouble IMHO. And even if not lots of folks have lots of ‘splaining to do from all appearances.

      I think this is a good time to revisit some of our older posts.


  4. And don’t forget the fact that, even after he was sworn in as AG, in late January or early February 2008, it still took Caldwell until October 9, 2008 to FIRE Calvin Fayard and a bunch of other scoundrels similarly situated from representing the State in the “Victims of KATRINA” litigation. That’s no “slow”; that’s “Step-and-Fetch-It” S-L-O-O-O-W. One would think that a man with a working moral compass would’ve acted decisively, quickly. I just don’t know why it took Caldwell almost 10 months to act. Caldwell also hasn’t done a Goddamned thing in my personal case involving my abduction, brutalization, torture and false imprisonment on 9/20/05. The criminal gangland-style “hit” on me was orchestrated, at least in part by Charles Foti and his “hatchet-man” Burton Guidry. And to my knowledge, the lawyers within the AG’s office who obstructed justice and covered things up, namely Michael Keller and Phyllis Glazer, remain employed by Caldwell (or I think they are still employed – as to their “boss”, Paul B. Deal, I don’t know). The people I have identified by name with the exception of Caldwell BELONG BEHIND BARS. Ashton O’Dwyer a/k/a “The WHITE Henry Glover”.

  5. Ms. Vandenweghe, how you can sleep at night is beyond me and you know it. I’ll leave you be on this journalistic tabloid but beware……many know what your ilk is really about and many more will soon know.

  6. Disgusted:
    1. I personally don’t care if AMV is a “…kook and a malcontent…” ( as TP Editor Drew Broach referred to her). TheLegislative Auditor report and the FBI raids have borne out the veracity of her Whistleblowing. Whatever or whoever she is personally is meaningless to me.
    2. Don’t attack the messenger. Prove the message wrong.

    In short, if you have evidence exonerating any of the criminals, co-conspirators and other miscreants AMV has exposed THEN PUT IT UP.

  7. Dear Disgusted,

    You surely are a fucking idiot…haven’t I stated that you now are going to be the object of my vitriol if you continue with your character assassination of a legitimate whistleblower, whether it be AMV or anyone else.I simply will not tolerate it from you or anyone.

    So I guess we are all going to read an exercise in the extremes of free speech if you continue with your comments of irrelevant tripe and spurious inuendoes concerning alleged character defects in another person.

    Your going to find out I can break that glass house of hypocrisy you live in, and will, just as I did with Whitmer and Wilkinson…so now…

    Enfoncer la traiter avec elle,


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