Is Hancock Bank supporting Debbie Villio?

Hancock Bank Veterans and Clearview Pky

Leaving aside for a minute that Ms Villio has a boatload of legal problems surrounding her candidacy I had no idea that Hancock Bank endorsed political candidates which this sign placement clearly implies.

Steve I don’t know about Mssrs. Chaney and Hairston but Uncle Leo certainly would not have approved of such. Then again something tells me Mssrs Chaney and Hairston won’t approve once this is brought to their attention, especially given the approriate tagging of this post.

sop with h/t to a reader.

Luck of the Irish – Robert Moultrie will be turned out to pasture on St. Paddy’s Day!

The ever observant Sop has noticed folks are searching for news about Robert Moultrie of Beef Plant fame.  Google search results show nothing more recent than Moving right along, the last SLABBED post on Moultrie.

After entering a guilty plea to charges he made illegal contributions to the campaign fund of then Governor Ronnie Musgrove, Moultrie was ordered to surrender on January 20, 2009, and begin his sixteen month sentence in the case.  According to the Inmate Locator on the Bureau of Prison’s website, Moultrie is currently in the Atlanta CCM, a community based re-entry facility, and scheduled for release on the 17th of March.

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Sieg Heil! Discrimination lawsuit adds color to the “corporate culture” in Jefferson Parish Government

Charlie Chaplin from the 1940 Movie The Great Dictator

Folks, just when you think things can’t get any zanier in Jefferson Parish government lets add Armand Kerlec to the grist mill as Gambit tells the story of a recent lawsuit in Jefferson Parish that also provides a few clues about the myriad of ways the Parish spends tax dollars including defending hostile work environment suits:

…..a federal judge in New Orleans cleared the way for a March 15 trial in an atypical race discrimination suit against Jefferson Parish. The plaintiff, an Italian Jew and former parish sign technician, alleged that his supervisor repeatedly harassed him with Nazi slogans and racial and ethnic slurs at the parish traffic and engineering department. The case settled late last week. Continue reading “Sieg Heil! Discrimination lawsuit adds color to the “corporate culture” in Jefferson Parish Government”