Steppin’ Out: Artist Melissa Smith paints the coast’s natural landscapes.

WYES featured oil on board Artist Melissa Smith last Friday on Steppin’ Out (segment just shy of halfway through the show) featuring a few of her newer works such as Beach Blvd Bay St Louis, Sunset Bay St Louis and Old Towne Bay St Louis that are very creative landscapes. These pieces are on display at Newman High School Art Gallery. Melissa’s website which has a few of her older paintings can be found here.


“yo mama” Nationwide, she wants a real man like O’Leary on her side

As first evident in Politz v Nationwide, the Company’s attorneys – including those in skirts – are difficult to distinguish from a gang of thugs.  In Sunquest v Nationwide, it has become a distinction without a difference.

This past December SLABBED published Judge Senter completes his appraisal – Order says Nationwide on wrong side with objection to Lewis O’Leary and reported an Order that Judge Senter issued in the Sunquest case. More recently SLABBED provided an update on Sunquest v Nationwide in the post Chip Merlin’s “Gulf Coast case law update that ended with my saying, “I’ve read nothing in any document that indicates Lewis O’Leary is anything other than faithful – faithful to the truth”.  I still haven’t; but, before reporting on recent events in this case, a bit of background is due and, for that, we turn to the Complaint:

The Plaintiff is a corporation organized under Louisiana law with its principal place of business at 3 Bancroft Circle, Monroe, LA 71201…At all material times, the Plaintiff was an insured for the buildings and property known as Carriage House Apartments, 1625 Martin Bluff Rd., Gautier, Jackson County, Mississippi 39553 under Nationwide’s Policy No. 63BP139742004 (the “contract”)…On August 29, 2005, the contract provided multiple coverages for windstorm damage to the buildings or damage by collapse.

The contract provides for multiple coverages, including coverage for direct physical loss of, or damage to, the apartment buildings described in the contract; personal property used to maintain or service the buildings or structures on the premises; business personal property; debris removal; actual loss of business income; and other property…On August 29,2005, Hurricane Katrina struck the Mississippi Gulf Coast and caused substantial damage to the insured property… Continue reading ““yo mama” Nationwide, she wants a real man like O’Leary on her side”