Let’s tie a few Jefferson Parish odds and ends together as Slabbed welcomes Chris Roberts and Dutchie Connick to the party

Folks the political class in Jefferson Parish takes the word “brazen” to another level. Our long time readers know that I am a fan of the old TLC series Connections so let’s make a few and begin with the agenda for tomorrow’s Parish Council meeting which I’ve embedded courtesy of Scribd:

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I invite the Slabbed Nation to scroll down to item 84 which I quote:

Resolution – requesting the Parish President to investigate the feasibility and to provide a cost-benefit analysis for the expansion of the Parish Attorney’s Office to allow said office to provide legal services in-house which are currently being provided by outside contracted law firms. (Mr. Roberts)

This agenda item is related to the post we did last week on the Tuesday Night Massacre where assistant Parish Attorney Louis Gruntz refered to former Parish Attorney Tom Wilkinson as “his client” despite the fact he represented the Parish. Now Councilman Chris Roberts is doing an end run a round the Parish Charter to allow the in-house lawyers to double deal and represent Parish employees that get in trouble due to their double-dealing. In essence this resolution allows Louis Gruntz to aid the disgraced Tom Wilkinson. So the question is why would Chris Roberts carry water for these disgraced civil servants? Continue reading “Let’s tie a few Jefferson Parish odds and ends together as Slabbed welcomes Chris Roberts and Dutchie Connick to the party”

Is there an auditor in the house part deux: Slabbed takes a quick look at West Jefferson Service Corp

We have audited the accompanying basic financial statements of West Jefferson Service Corporation (the Service Corporation), a component of the Jefferson Parish Hospital Service District No. 1, as of and for the year ended December 31, 2008. These financial statements are the responsibility of the Service Corporation’s management. Our responsibility is to express an opinion on these financial statements based on our audit. We did not audit the financial statements as of and for year ended December 31,2008 of the Service Corporation’s 50% joint venture investments in West Jefferson MRI, LLC, West Jefferson Surgery Center, LLC, and West Jefferson CT Scan, LLC which combined represents 110% of investments in joint ventures for 2008 and 119% of earnings from joint ventures for 2008.

In accordance with Government Auditing Standards, we have also issued our report dated April 17,2009 on our consideration of the Service Corporation’s internal control over financial reporting and on our tests of its compliance with certain provisions of laws, regulations, contracts, grant agreements and other matters. The purpose of that report is to describe the scope of our testing of internal control over financial reporting and compliance and the results of that testing, and not to provide an opinion on the internal control over financial reporting or on compliance. That report is an integral part of an audit performed in accordance with Government Auditing Standards and should be considered in assessing the results of our audit.

Auditing step #1 (2008): Determine the financial reporting entity.
Procedures for consideration: Management inquiry, Legal Council Inquiry, Search records at Secretary of State’s Office.
Results: Possible joint venture identified per Secretary of State Search. Shown below: Continue reading “Is there an auditor in the house part deux: Slabbed takes a quick look at West Jefferson Service Corp”

We interrupt our regular programming for this Ashton O’Dwyer update

Brought to you by the New Orleans area US Attorney’s office:

Our business clinks and its picking up

We have two new Team AROD filings to note, the first an unopposed motion to extend the pretrial motions deadline until March 12. The second filing is more noteworthy. Team O’Dwyer has filed a motion in opposition to transferring Ashton to a federal facility to have him mentally evaluated.  We reported on the government’s motion here. In that post I opined:

I don’t know what kind of read that transcript of the 2/1/10 hearing is but it may be a doozie knowing Ashton.

It evidently was but Ashton’s public defender brought in some reinforcements in Ashton’s Doc, Wallace Jeanfreau who testified at the February 12th hearing:

…….the behavior demonstrated by Mr. O’Dwyer during the February 1st hearing was indicative of an individual who was undergoing withdraw from Paxil. Continue reading “We interrupt our regular programming for this Ashton O’Dwyer update”

Bad Faith Insurers Safeco (Liberty Mutual) and Republic coming to scam coast residents.

Courtesy of Mr Liberty Mutual: http://mrlibertymutual.com/

Yesterday Mississippi Insurance Commissioner Mike Chaney was on cloud 9 floating over lala land as exhibited by his WLOX interview which covered the subjects of mitigation grants and Safeco.  From the interview it is clear he is sticking to his meme that he can foster competition in a small market in an industry with an anti trust exemption (the kool-aid the state republican leadership drinks must be powerful stuff). Our long time readers will no doubt remember Mr Chaney as the man whose State Farm Market Conduct examiner found massive evidence of wind claims dumping and bad faith claims practices in the sample results  while Mr Chaney ignored all that and attacked the two courageous women that exposed the practices (The analysis of the MID Market Conduct study by retired World Bank analyst turned law student James Barbieri is found beginning on page 10 of his thesis). Long suffering coast residents are not buying in as evidenced by the comments to Anita Lee’s coverage of Mr Chaney’s announcement and it is there we begin:

Safeco Insurance plans to offer wind coverage again, Mississippi Insurance Commissioner Mike Chaney said Monday morning.

The company will offer 500 to 1,000 homeowner policies with wind coverage, he said, beginning in mid-March.

“They’re going to be selective about who they write, but I’m assuming as long as there’s not a credit risk involved, they’re not going to have any real restrictions,” Chaney said. Some companies have restricted wind coverage to the northern three Coast counties, but stopped offering it to new customers or nonrenewed policyholders who live near shore.

In doing some basic googling I found where the insurance bastards at Liberty Mutual bought Safeco in 2008. As a Liberty Mutual insured found out the hard way after Katrina’s winds severely damaged his house those thugs will have you arrested for simply filing a claim! Here at Continue reading “Bad Faith Insurers Safeco (Liberty Mutual) and Republic coming to scam coast residents.”

No good deed goes unpunished in Jefferson Parish – St Helena v Ungarino & Eckert and Swiss Re

Since writing about an insurer who tried to “do right” by his policyholders and was allegedly “done wrong” by his professional liability insurer is a Who’s on First assignment, we begin this story of “no good deed goes unpunished” with an introduction of the cast of characters St Helena v Ungarino & Eckert and Swiss Re:

St. Helena Corporation:  “Successor in Interest to Powell Insurance Agency, Inc. (“Powell”)”

Powell: “a Louisiana corporation licensed to do business in Louisiana…

During all times relevant herein, Powell was a licensed insurance agent in Louisiana.  When Hurricane Katrina struck Louisiana, it had served its clients in the New Orleans metropolitan area and southern Louisiana for over forty years.

Powell is the primary insured under claims made professional insurance policies provided by Defendants Westport Insurance Corporation and Swiss Reinsurance Company Ltd.

Ungarino & Eckert: “a Louisiana limited liability company with offices located…in Jefferson Parish” (Louisiana)

Westport Insurance Corporation: a Missouri corporation…[and]…wholly-owned subsidiary of Swiss Reinsurance Company.

Swiss Re: ‘a Swiss corporation with main offices in Zurich, Switzerland” and the parent of Westport Insurance Corporation “hereinafter referred to collectively as ‘Swiss Re’ “

Jack Alltmont: “an experienced attorney” retained by Powell “who had previously represented Powell in similar insurance agent disputes”

Prior to Hurricane Katrina, Powell regularly sent a written letter to customers who did not have flood insurance. The letter advised those customers that they did not have flood insurance, and that their hurricane policy would not cover flood insurance. The letter recommended to the customers that they should consider obtaining flood insurance in order to recover if any flood damage were to be inflicted on their house. Continue reading “No good deed goes unpunished in Jefferson Parish – St Helena v Ungarino & Eckert and Swiss Re”

It will be an all Slabbed Class 4A Basketball Final

Folks the kids that will be playing Friday night for the state class 4A Basketball Championship were in 8th grade when Katrina hit. As a Bay-Waveland guy from way far back all I can say is that I am very proud and that while I’ll be rooting for the Rocks, no matter who wins this Friday night in Jackson the entire community wins. St Stanislaus advanced to the finals by routing Pontotoc while Bay High went to overtime to defeat Central Hill. Slabbed and Jeff at WLOX will both be updating the game via twitter. (Jeff if you are out there send me that twitter addy or leave it in the comments and we’ll link you.)