Slabbed news miscellany: A few stories we are following plus Sunday Music

First up is several links involving the Feral lawman aka the NOPD and the developing story of the indictment and plea deal of Michael Lohman who was involved in the coverup of the shooting of unarmed civilians after Katrina. The Times Picayune in partnership with ProPublica has done an excellent series of articles on lawmen gone wild after Katrina in New Orleans, one of which we posted on late last year. We’re filling the print coverage void in Jefferson Parish and are content to let the Times Picayune’s excellent reporting on this stand on its own. Today I feature two Oped’s, the first from James Gill who takes disgraced former US Attorney turned former NOLA District Attorney Eddie Jordan to task for his actions in the city investigation. IMHO Eddie is most deserving of indictment and if there is not a law against being a feckless incomp maybe there ought to be one. The second column by Jarvis Deberry is a scathing indictment of soon to be former Police Chief Warren Riley who promised to find out what happened on the Danziger Bridge, then promptly did nothing even going so far as to recently admit he never bothered to read his own department’s report on the shootings. Maybe Jim Letten can spare an indictment of Mr Riley as he deserves to be sharing jail cells with these thugs called New Orleans police officers.

Next up is a story from St John the Baptist Parish and the director of the local Housing Authority there, Lawand Johnson who professes that “she was allowed to make personal purchases on the” (parish issued credit) “card as long as she paid the portion of the bill that involved those purchases.” Predictably others in government there say they have never received documents from Johnson supporting her whopper. I predict she receives 40 lashes with a wet noodle though I hope I’m wrong.

Finally we have Darren Sharper and an excellent column by Jeff Duncan on the coming uncapped year.  Jeff either reads slabbed or is very well read (I bet he reads us thus making himself well read ;-)) with that Lord Acton quote he throws in the column.  Folks at this stage of his career Mr Sharper fits well with only one team and defensive scheme and that is our beloved Saints.  He is past his prime and it seems most everyone understands that except Mr Sharper. While I think it is safe to say the Who Dat Nation to the man wants Darren back next year he is not deserving of the “Franchise” tag.

Todays selection is dedicated to Eddie Jordan, Warren Riley, and Lawand Johnson.



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