streamlined or steamrolled – Judge Martin Feldman’s influence on Katrina litigation

Although I’d learned enough about “Who Dat” Judge Martin Feldman… to write the post, I’d found nothing to adequately explain how such an obviously bright man would embarrass himself with the errors he made in deciding Versai.  Credit for my increased understanding goes to the SLABBED reader who sent a link to reporter Kim Quillen’s August 27, 2008, story Insurers use federal cash to help pay claims that included this additional background on Judge Feldman:

Judge Martin Feldman, who took the lead developing procedures to streamline the flow of cases in federal court, said the pace of settlement has been uneven. He signed 50 dismissal orders last week, for example, but said his efforts to resolve several hundred State Farm and Allstate cases swiftly have not paid off…

But Feldman said once the major questions of law created by the storm have been settled, cases should not go to trial.

“No great principle, other than ‘I bought insurance and I want my money,’ are at stake, and those tend to settle,” Feldman said. “They basically only involve issues of money and not issues of deep social and moral principle. Cases of deep social principle should go to trial. Cases of money should settle.”

“Who Dat” elitist?

Judge Martin Feldman showed his colors in Versai – a true blue outcome-oriented judicial activist who led the law where he wanted it to go.  Otherwise, were he to allow the law to lead, his decisions would not be consistent with his perspective on Katrina litigation or his “procedures to streamline” the litigation process. Continue reading “streamlined or steamrolled – Judge Martin Feldman’s influence on Katrina litigation”

Slabbed Updates the Jefferson Parish Front: Theriot is toast. Anne Marie Vandenweghe files a Whistleblower Suit.

You already have put the parish in a bad position Mr Theriot. I won’t speculate whether you realize that yet but if you really want to do right by the citizens of Jefferson parish you sir should resign……

We knew early yesterday what the public now knows concerning the events surrounding the Tuesday Night Massacre where 3 honest Parish Attorneys were taken to the chop shop by interim Parish President Steve Theriot in a last-ditch effort to save his partner in crime Tom Wilkinson. Theriot’s actions were plain stupid but it also betrayed a mindset replete with denial as the gang still does not see the coming freight train that is steam rolling through Jefferson Parish. Inherent to Theriot’s actions was a business as usual attitude most likely coupled with the assumption the investigation had been contained. As we find out such is not the case. Chris Finch has the story for Fox 8:

Two Jefferson Parish attorney’s, including the parish attorney himself, have been placed on paid leave. The other attorney, Anne Marie Vandenweghe, filed a Whistleblower protection lawsuit and now her suspension has peaked the interest of federal investigators.

Parish President Steve Theriot placed Wilkinson on paid administrative leave on Thursday morning.

“I can’t really discuss why, but I put him on leave this morning,” said Theriot.

Wilkinson is under investigation by the parish Personnel Board. Board members believe he may have violated a parish law that prohibits most employees from engaging in political activity. Wilkinson declined to comment on his suspension. Continue reading “Slabbed Updates the Jefferson Parish Front: Theriot is toast. Anne Marie Vandenweghe files a Whistleblower Suit.”