AROD files motion for reconsideration of his detention without bond

Slabbed reported on Tuesday that Ashton was remanded to custody without benefit of bond. Yesterday his “standby counsel” filed a motion for reconsideration. The location where Ashton was being held was disclosed in the motion. He is down in the Parish.

If the judge lets him out Ashton essentially agreed to house arrest. In the motion (linked below the fold) we also find:

On February 3, 2010, Mr. O’Dwyer was seen by Dr. C. Lei, a psychiatrist who attends inmates at the St. Bernard Parish Prison, the facility wherein Mr. O’Dwyer has been housed since January 30, 2010. Dr. Lei found Mr. O’Dwyer in a calm state of mind with no suicidal or homicidal ideation.

If released from custody, Mr. O’Dwyer would reside at his home located at 6034 St. Charles Avenue, New Orleans, Louisiana with his daughter Kathleen O’Dwyer. He agrees to modify his telephone service to install the equipment necessary for homemonitoring. He would remain at his home unless he has an appearance in court, a reportingrequirement with Pretrial Services, or a doctor’s appointment. In those instances, he will have Pretrial Services pre-approve his absence from the home.

The entire 6 page motion can be found here.

Speaking of St Bernard and AROD does anyone know if Rocky and Carlo’s is open? Their website is 404.


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