Top of the morning Sup

Sometimes I am Carnac with alittle help from my friend.


2 thoughts on “Top of the morning Sup”

  1. Thanks Sop. Always good to hear a little Willie. Don’t know if you’ve seen his show lately. I saw him in Jackson in the ’70’s and then again a couple of years ago in God’d country. Nothing has changed except for a few years on all the band members. Samr harmonica player and Willie’s sister is still on the piano.

    Are we ready for spring yet? You folks should have a great crawfish season with all the rain.

  2. I hadn’t thought crawfish mush lately but you’re right about the season being good, especially since December was also very wet. Maybe we can get Lynda and her people down too.

    With the superbowl around the corner it is really getting insane around these parts. It’s a shame you can’t be down here now to experience it first hand.


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