12 thoughts on “Here are a pair of reasons Saints fans are the absolute best in the NFL bar none”

    1. Hehehe. I forgot to give the hat tip to Mrs Sop for the pic. It is evidently circulating via email like wildfire. One thing for certain, they don’t make visors like they used to.

      Seriously though someone needs to get this wonderful fan tickets to the big game on row 1 behind the Colts sideline.


  1. I heard the person sitting next to Betty Boobs sold his season tickets last year for a reported record $25,000.Hell,I’m ready to mortgage the farm – just somebody tell me her seat number.

    Or how about her bringing some Abeata Water to the opposing players in the locker room at halftime. That would not only mess up halftime strategy but the lower half of their uniforms too.Just sayin’

  2. Well, that explains why Payton did the onside kick to start the third quarter. The Colts were blinded, utterly distracted and preoccupied looking into those big, golden headlights.Hee, hee, hee.

    Still want her seat location so I can buy a ticket close by and get blinded occasionally too.

  3. Shark and Sop:There’s only one way to tell if she’s a “real” Saints fan and a keeper – Get her to Lambeau in the outdoor cold and do a surprise Gatorade soak to see if she pings out.

    If still in question then gotta’ hold a lottery with da’ winner gettin’ to do the dreaded digital exam on the 50 yardline for da’ Superbowl halftime entertainment.

    Dat oughta’ bring Buddy “D” down on his magic carpet and send the ratings up for W “bleya” – W ” bleya” – L.

    We still love you BUDDY and pray there’s no squirrels in heaven drivin’ ya’ nutty.

  4. Two major problems with the picture: (1) the woman’s bottle of beer obscuring an important piece of the puzzle and (2) that guy staring at me like I’m looking at his daughter.

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