Will someone in a position of authority PLEASE put a bullet in AIG’s head and stop both the misery and insanity

If there is one reason (besides that special interest infested monstrosity also known as Health Care Reform) that the Democrats will get their asses kicked at the polls come November I’ll give it to you in 3 letters: A.I.G.

It’s bad enough the the company is insolvent and taxpayers will never see a return of all the money we sank into that bottomless snake pit, but to actually pay more bonuses to the dumb mother fuckers that caused the implosion of both AIG and our financial system simply defies description. Up next will by Timmy Geithner hitting the airways talking contract sanctity. Marketwatch has the story:

In the midst of bonus season, the people deciding compensation policy at American International Group Inc. believe they’ve reached a deal. The majority of the controversial financial-products group at the company will take a 10% haircut on their bonuses in return for an early payout, as soon as next week. Read AIG bonus story in WSJ.

Though the plan is aimed at undercutting similar outrage during this round, it’s unlikely to do so. Pay czar Kenneth Feinberg has been aggressive everywhere else except AIG. General Motors, for instance, is facing compensation declines of 50%. Ken Lewis, the former chief executive of Bank of America Corp. forfeited his 2009 salary and bonus.

Contrast that with Robert Benmosche, AIG’s new CEO. He’s getting $3 million in cash and $4 million in AIG stock.

Yeah Mr President, change we can count on right?



4 thoughts on “Will someone in a position of authority PLEASE put a bullet in AIG’s head and stop both the misery and insanity”

  1. Sop, take heart. The American people are not oblivious to what has gone on for the past 13 months. Little Timmy is on the plank with Mr. Holder is right behind him. These people are taking us to the cleaners with their spending and selective preferential treatment of their “friends”. The disclosures of Mrs. Pelosi’s abuse of military aircraft for her family just keeps giving the opposition party more fodder for November.

    You indicated D-I-S-C-O-N-N-E-C-T. I once worked with a group that allowed their arrogance to cover their ignorance. I am seeing a repeat with this crowd.

    We are not just democrats and republicans in this challenge. We are American citizens. The Tea Party folks are patriots because they are driving much of this concern by the American people.

  2. Sup I have a hard time taking heart because there is no alternative come November, just the crooks that brought us this mess (the GOP) and the crooks that are looking to profit from this mess (Obama and his band of idiots).

    Based on what I’ve seen down here I don’t buy into the Tea Party being non partisan. That said I think it is good people are making their voices heard, especially those that never previously spoke up.

    One thing for certain, Obama pissed away a historic opportunity to make real change and he lead the Dems straight off the cliff. If I were a democrat running for re-election I’d be putting as much distance as I could between myself, Mr Prez. and his Wall Street moneychanger friends.


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