How about some grilled Commish for lunch? Mike Chaney admits his office is in over its head.

You bet he went to Biloxi to hold hands with the only major Mississippi newspaper to endorse him last election. The conversation as reported by the Sun Herald ace reporter Anita Lee is stunning in its implications beyond Nationwide’s intention to raise rates state wide:

Chaney also said that he and neighboring insurance commissioners have set up a private e-mail system to exchange information. Expertise on the state insurance staffs varies and money is short, so the commissioners lean on one another to help analyze financial information.

My suggestion is they lean harder. I don’t envy Mr Chaney, because he has Jimbo the Clown on the left and the joker on the right. Then again the commenting citizenry doesn’t seem to think much of our commish either. Well at least it inspired today’s music video.



One thought on “How about some grilled Commish for lunch? Mike Chaney admits his office is in over its head.”

  1. Sop, the Commissioner needs to introduce legislation that establishes what I’d call, for lack of a better title at the moment, a Citizen Review Board – one with absolutely no industry representation.

    As it stands now, the Commissioner has way too much power and no oversight. We saw that when George Dale alone approved change in policy language that actually changed state law.

    Another thing the Commissioner needs to do is regain control of the windpool…My post just up on Robohm v State Farm proves that point…You can see the Windpool, a taxpayer funded entity, going through State Farm to tell a public court it will not respond to subpoena without a protective order.

    That’s just total b.s. – and so are the exemptions MID has to public disclosure (open records).

    If Chaney expects public support, he needs to open MID to the public.

    btw, the Windpool “escaped” Corlew’s lawsuit on grounds that it had the immunity of a public agency…something about that “circus” brings an “odor” to State Farm’s Protective Order re: Robohm

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