Evidently all the Senatorial wives from Connecticut are on the take…..

I saw this blurb on Joe Lieberman’s wife which probably does more to explain Joe’s new found opposition to the health care bill than anything else.  While I don’t care what Hadassah Lieberman does with Susan Korman I do care she is on the payroll of big pharma. Folks, just like Chris Dodd’s wife sitting on the Board of Directors of Hank Greenberg’s offshore insurance companies this is the way our pols are bought.

One day maybe the folks in Connecticut will stop sending the errand boys for Wall Street moneychangers to DC and elect folks that will represent the people.


6 thoughts on “Evidently all the Senatorial wives from Connecticut are on the take…..”

  1. What’s so disturbing is that neither finds such an obvious conflict wrong – or worse isn’t willing to do what needs to be done…Little wonder the Vice President took note and said Dodd was “getting the crap beat out of him.”

  2. It did Russell but it also said she is a consultant for big pharma. You want to know why the government (by law) can’t shop medicare drug prices? You need go no further than the revolving door and Louisiana’s own Billy Tauzin who did slipped that in the 2004 medicare bill shortly before he went to work for big pharma.


  3. It is all sickening. However, I am not sure our electorate across the country will do what is necessary in 2010. All the buyots and payoffs for votes are being done with our money. This applies to both parties.

    The senior senator from LA made sure she didn’t sell out for just a $100M, it took $300M. What arrogance! Has the term “principled” been banned in Washington as “terrorism” has?

  4. It is no accident that one Senator can be an obstructionist. He, and the filibuster for that matter, remind us that the governmental sovereignty allowed the state governments is what is really represented in the US Senate (unlike in the US House of Reps). As frustrating as it is, there is a trade off in wiping this out in favor of remaking the US Senate on the basis of the principles of the US House…trade offs given the scale of the US. and what the US is. For this argument, pls see http://euandus3.wordpress.com/2009/12/14/will-there-be-a-health-reform-bill-out-of-the-us-senate/

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