Another one! Order of Dismissal entered following Joint Stipulation of Dismissal filed by Dick Scruggs and E.A. Renfroe

The disputes between the parties to this action were previously settled and dismissed by an order dated April 7, 2009. Following a reversal of the contempt findings against non-parties Richard F. Scruggs and the Scruggs Law Firm, P.A. by the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit, Appeal Number 08-14716-DD, the remaining disputes have been settled between E. A. Renfroe & Company, Inc., and the above-referenced non-parties. Therefore, by and through their respective counsel of record, the undersigned do hereby jointly stipulate to the dismissal of all remaining issues and claims between them in this matter, with prejudice, each party to bear its own respective costs.

When the contempt findings issued by Judge Acker were vacated and remanded by Order of the 11th Circuit – 11th Circuit overturns Scruggs contempt citation! – the Court directed all remaining issues pertaining to Scruggs in the Renfroe case should be assigned to a different district court judge.  

Sharon Lovelace Blackburn, Chief United States Judge of the Northern District of Alabama, had the honor of shutting this boondoggle down – and did so in an Order issued November 10, 2009, the very same day the Joint Stipulation of Dismissal was filed:

Pursuant to that Stipulation, it is ORDERED that all remaining claims between plaintiff and the above-referenced non-parties are DISMISSED WITH PREJUDICE. Each party shall bear his or its own costs.

One could infer from the quick turn around of the Order that Judge Blackburn had read the most interesting footnote in the 11th’s Opinion and couldn’t wait to get this case out the door:

Indeed, the Rigsbys primary alleged contempt as detailed in the subsequent June 5th order consisted of their failure to adequately demand return of the documents from Scruggs, an act he could not possibly have aided and abetted.

Noooo, he could not; but, OMG, it took the 11th Circuit to figure that out  because  Judge Acker had wigged out.  He was  still wiggin’ in July when he posted this Notice a week to the day after the 11th’s Opinion was public:

The parties are hereby notified that, as promised, all documents in the possession of the court have been shredded. DONE this 28th day of July, 2009.

Honestly, the “as promised” makes Acker seem a bit disappointed that no one claimed the documents he spent gadzooks of taxpayer money protecting.  Likely he’ll be even more disappointed to learn the Rigsby sisters didn’t steal anything from State Farm, if indeed he didn’t know it all along.

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