Editilla shares a scoop – Leslie Jacobs enters Mayor’s race

What a pal!  Editilla just hung this Breaking News on the Ladder.

We just got this from her sister-in-law, Sandy Rosenthal, founder and executive director of Levees.org. This doesn’t signify an endorsement of her candidacy as much as signal, to Editilla, that New Orleans Flood Safety will be first and out front in Leslie Jacob’s platform as her brother is on the board of the Flood Protection Alliance and his wife founded Levees.org.

Amazing when you consider today is All Saints Day!  They’re marching! (and SLABBED is in line right behind the Editilla)

7 thoughts on “Editilla shares a scoop – Leslie Jacobs enters Mayor’s race”

  1. Dayum! You slabbers are FAST! Whoa.
    I am really hoping that Leslie Jacobs makes Flood protection and Confronting Corps Skulduggery in their New Orleans District one of her Top 3 platform positions, if not #1, for the future of our Recovery.
    Considering that the Integrity of our still bad flood walls is one of the major impediments of Businesses migrating to the city, I would think this Card would trump any other Cards (ie: Race, Class, Education, Housing etc) that will surely be played.
    I mean, if the Corps refuses to replace or dismantle, the very same old bad flood walls they built which failed, then the New Orleans WILL FLOOD AGAIN, just like it did on 8/29/05. And, when the city floods again what else will matter but the whims of the Lord of the Flies?

    All that said, in researching her, I have noticed this about Leslie Jacobs: she speaks honestly, clearly means what she says and does what she says.

    I just hope to Goddess that I never hear her say “Katrina did it.” That would be a real deal-breaker for your oh’so humble Editilla

  2. Coincidence. Leslie and her husband are my next-door neighbors. She is very smart, and “brave”. The sad reality of the political scene in New Orleans is that, demographically, a Caucasian CAN’T WIN. The blacks will elect the next Mayor, and he (or she) will be black, just like “Body Bags” Nagin. (Let me digress to tell you how Nagin earned the “nickname” Body Bags: I want to say it was the Wednesday or Thursday after the storm, and I believe BEFORE his pitiful performance on the Garland Robinette radio show (Garland’s performance was ‘pitiful”, too, but that’s another story, for another time). Anyway, it was announced that the City of New Orleans (through Terry Ebbert, another incompetent, who’s now “long-gone”, who was the Director of Disaster Planning and Emergency Response) had on hand 6,000 body bags. However, our “wonderful” Mayor, it was announced, had petitioned FEMA for an additional 25,000 body bags, which would have brought the total to 31,000 body bags. Just WHO was this incompetent chimpanzee trying to impress with a request to FEMA for an additional 25,000 body bags? Since I couldn’t call him a chimpanzee on National Television without paying a “price”, His name became “Body-Bags” Nagin, and remains so to this day, although he really is a chimpanzee (more to the point, he gives chimpanzees – and other simians – a bad name).

  3. I’m very familar with Ashton’s next door neighbor in the same way I originally knew Jim Brown – she was always all over the radio, especially when she was with BESE.

    Given the racial dynamic in NOLA I wouldn’t think she would have much chance which is a shame because she’d bring some much needed energy and a fresh direction to the Mayor’s office.


  4. So are you guys willing to put your oysters where your mouth is on this race? I’m pretty much offering two to one odds on what is clearly a long shot wager for me. Justice would dictate, I have the odds in the other direction but who needs justice anyway? Put anouther way if she loses I would pay for the both of you. If she wins you guys pay for me and maybe to make it more fair my girlfriend? After all even money is not exactly fair to me anyway.

  5. This AM’s “Times-Pick-Your-Nose” has a short article in the Metro Section, suggesting that
    Leslie’s sister-in-law, Sandy Rosenthal of Levees.org, may have “jumped the gun” by announcing Leslie’s candidacyfor Mayor of the “Cesspool” City of New Orleans. The article quotes Leslie’s “political consultant”, Cheron Brylski, as saying that “…she’s not officially in yet”, and that “…an announcement about Jacob’s intentions will come before the Dec. 9-11 qualifying period”, closing with “…There’s no campaign yet.”

  6. I like my odds even better now if she runs. Good political posturing on Leslie’s part. Get Levees to announce and then mention Cheron. Cheron is probably seeing if Leslie can get some support from the old “Dutch” trading company. Hello this is Ira Middleburg…

    I guess she is seeing if she can get the Morial machine and Jewish contingencies behind her. If she gets that and of course that is a big if, the white vote she can handle on her own.

    That would be my idea of how to enter the race. Put out the soft entrance via Levees and she who “encourages” you to run. Good work Ashton.

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