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  1. why is it that the only way we get any coverage on the insurance ripping off the people and issues of fraud dealing with flood is this website. there is very little national coverage. we need insurance reform and the more people that know about crooked judges in ALABAMA thebetter.The good old boy netwook is alive and well and the people are paying all along the go lf coast by loosing their homes.

  2. Twyla:

    It’s because high premiums and mistreatment on claims have resulted in a “what can you do about it?” attitude in our Country. People view insurance coverage much the same as they do paying taxes. They hate it, but feel powerless to do anything about it.

    Plus, think about the obscene amounts of money the insurance industry has spent trying to convince the public we need “tort reform” while their executives rake in millions and while they consistently piledrive us with commercials saying how good (hands, neighbor) they are. I doubt there are many “trial lawyers” who earn the kind of income insurance executives do. In fact, when it comes to insurance litigation, I would bet the average insurance lawyer makes more money per year than the average policyholder or tort-victim lawyer makes. Smoke and mirrors.

  3. Welcome Twyla and thanks for your comment. I could probably write a dissertation to answer your question but in the interest of time and brevity I’ll try to keep it short.

    1. The national financial media are whores for the most part, wedded to the advertising dollars that come from big business in general and insurance companies in particular so you can scratch the media that has the most in house expertise to report this such as the Wall Street Journal. One notable exception to this rule is Bloomberg.

    2. TV news? Isn’t that an oxymoron? Oh yeah, I forget we do have WLOX and their South Mississippi Heros proudly sponsored by State Farm. My mother in law is one such hero but she trashed her CD after I told her about the new sponsor. CNN is a notable exception as Anderson Cooper has run several stories on problems in the insurance industry along with news magazine shows like Dateline and 20/20.

    So when we take away most of the for profit TV and our hooker friends at CNBC and the WSJ we’re left with the mass circulation print media. After having conversed with with several reporters on this topic I’ll tell you what I was told.

    a. Complexity – This story is complicated such complexity made worse by shills like the recently departed Bill Bailey and Robert Hartwig that spread half truths and outright lies. Before people can see it they have to understand it.

    b. Journalistic standards – We have an interview transcript and depo set to post where a State Farm call center employee admits (without realizing it in the interview) the fraud State Farm perpetrated on the NFIP. The case then settled as State Farm pays big to keep this type stuff out of the courtroom. Without a verdict, the depo is useless to a journalist despite it’s contents. “Facts” are established for journalists only in certain ways and State Farm in particular and insurers in general are media savvy that way.

    We have posted extensively on William “Little Billy” Acker, the senior judge in Birmingham who assisted State Farm in trying to crush the Rigsby sisters until the 11th Circuit bitch slapped the case away from him because of his outragious conduct. Unless lawyers will go on the record the media can’t cover the bad behavior. Since judges have lifetime appointments the threat of retaliation is very real to any lawyer who exposes them. We actually moderate the comments of a couple of our lawyer friends who post with us so as to protect them from miscreants like Judge Kurt Engelhardt and Magistrate Robert Walker, etc. over the content of their comments.

    Since we are not for sale State Farm can’t buy us off and since we’re not journalists we’re free from the associated constraints on what constitutes a “fact”.


  4. To whatever extent, your violation is well taken. Sop was this your first ever violation to such and will it become habitual ?

    I’ve really got hand it to ya!. I had also wondered why these illegal acts of corruption by the insurance crooks and support for them by the courts go unreported. Your explanation is right on. see, hammer hits nail.

    Anyway just keep giving em hell by reporting the way it is. Good job Ya’ll.

  5. First violation on slabbed Robert. Heck If I had known it would be so well received I would have done it earlier. It’s not everyday I admit lust in my heart for Grace Slick.


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