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From our own Steve as left on yesterday’s Sun Herald story on the Rigsby sisters getting their day in court:

A very nice picture of Judge Senter and the girls. I want to see one of Edward Rust in an orange jumpsuit being transported to Parchman for the rest of his life.

Meantime that sound you heard from the self proclaimed Katrina litigation expert’s office was vomit hitting the floor. Meantime baby bro is rumored to be taking this latest turn of events very hard.

Our boy¬†has a soulmate in Ginger Berrigan who also never met a murderer or insurance company she failed to like. After seeing Spragins and Tucker in action along with these clowns please someone tell me there are lawyers in Oxford that aren’t complete blowhards.


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  1. Wow. I never realized how much business some of the bloggers do with insurance companies. Rossmiller was with Allstate yet said he could write about their issues without bias despite their being an active client of his law firm. Even when I invited Rossmiller down to the Coast for a birds eye view of what he so freely wrote about he declined—citing remaining objective as his reason. I wonder if I should invite NMissCommentor down for a visit. We could meet with the people who have been impacted by insurance law issues and explore the Coast from the perspective of a legal scholar? As a matter of fact consider this my invitation to NMissCommentor to visit the Coast and get a personal tour from me. We can visit with the Chamber, realtors, lawyers, elected officals etc. Sort of like when a man or woman runs for Governor they tour a County to meet the people. I’ll ever pay for lunch. How about it? NMC.

  2. He could also meet Jim Beckham over in Hancock County and see how State Farm clients get bullied and intimidated when they find fake engineering reports. Mysterious phone calls to friends and relatives looking for dirt on Mr. Beckham.

    Don’t take the screwing we give you on your house claim and mysteriously someone shows up trying to ruin your life. Seems more like the mob than an insurance company.

    But yes I too have worked with some of the worst murderers in the history of crime. I used to lock myself in a room at the Oakley Training School in Raymond Mississippi with the most violent kids in the training school to teach them anger management. I learned alot working with the kids.

    And I worked with Mr. Beckham when he was looking for his engineer. As you know we actually found his engineer for him and the rest is history. I didn’t do as well with the murderers I worked with. NMC deserves a chance to meet those he so freely bloggs about and to see those whose lives have been impacted by insurance companies policies and games. I will be glad to give him that chance if he wants to avail himself of the opportunity.

  3. Don’t hold your breath Steve waiting for him to show up. People like him who use those that lost their homes as cheap props in their personal vendettas are also generally cowards. He doesn’t belong in the same room as Mr Beckham or Cori and Kerri.

    Didn’t the Cowboy call this a long time ago?


  4. Perhaps you are correct but the offer is still out there for Mr. NMC.

    I’m sure if I was a book publisher wanting to put out a hot book on Dickie Scruggs the two would fight each other in the parking lot to get into my office, but alas I’m just a humble Katrina victim that they have used to further their careers. Seems a sad life to me they lead but I’ll let them be the judges of that. I guess they would have problems facing the people they were uh “trying to help”.

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