We previously linked Corban the Movie on Slabbed, now we have the “Corban Book”

We have our file copy here, but I also like the visual embedding enabled by Scribd. Both USAA and Natiowide counsel’s arguments look even sillier in print IMHO.

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Slabbed welcomes Wayne Weiser: “Why Katrina was the fault of man’s malfeasence”

Mr Weiser is retired after thirty nine years with US Army Corp of Engineers in the New Orleans district. He has compiled a boatload of research and given his experience with USACE his perspective is interesting in light of the ongoing NOLA area flood control rebuilding and MRGO litigation.

I’ll also add that while we have been highly critical of FEMA at times we also greatly valued the input we received from rank and file FEMA employees as we welcome all viewpoints here at Slabbed. While we are primarily insurance and legally oriented we have a big enough tent to include NOLA flood control as a topic.  If you are with the USACE and are moved to comment we’d love to hear from you. – sop

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We highlight problems on the property and casualty end here at Slabbed but…

I was not surprised to see a WaPo story about health insurance under the lede Senate Report Finds Insurers Wrongfully Charged Consumers Billions.

Meantime President Obama and his seeing eye dog have been MIA on the P&C end while they busily concoct plans to socialize medicine here in the US.