Major issues raised by 5th Circuit Panel hearing Minor Appeal

Hot off the Huffington Post – A Surprise Recusal and Promising Result in Paul Minor Appeal Hearing:

A Quick Update Following Paul Minor’s Appeal Hearing (see here for background)

Paul Minor’s appeal hearing in front of the 5th Circuit court this morning started off with an unexpected surprise. Shortly before the proceedings began, Priscilla Owen, one of the three judges hearing the appeal, announced her recusal.

Owen, whom the New York Times has described as “guided by the hand of Karl Rove,” apparently took to heart Minor attorney Hiram Eastland’s letter [PDF] asking Owen to recuse herself since Rove is being investigated by Congress and the Justice Department for his possible role in targeting Minor for indictment. Owen was replaced immediately by Judge Fortunato Benavides, a Clinton appointee, adding a measure of balance to the panel, which would’ve been an all-Republican panel with Owen present.

The appeal hearing lasted just 30 minutes but produced several key indicators that appeared to favor Paul Minor’s appeal.

It’s important to remember the Fifth Circuit is looking only at issues of law – and without the feelings about Minor personally that, understandably, can color the very real legal issues involved.

Led by Judge Will Garwood, a Reagan appointee, the panel asked very thoughtful questions and seemed very receptive to the arguments raised by Minor’s attorneys and asked repeated, tough questions of the Justice Department Continue reading “Major issues raised by 5th Circuit Panel hearing Minor Appeal”

A rare glimpse part 2

Ever yearn for a peek into the world of M&A articulated by the man who pioneered the use of the Form 13D as the weapon of choice for discriminating “activist” shareholders? His hedge fund has taken a beating the past 2 years as value became passe’ to subprime mortgages.  As the new CEO, worldwide headquarters has never been so inviting for the people like me, a simple retail investor with patience who put some money on the line for a seat at the table.

He pulls no punches. Listen in as the hour and ten minute CC  is well worth it from a knowledge standpoint alone. Rick listens to oral arguments at the 5th circuit court of appeals for kicks. I’m just a different kind of geek thats all.  😉

Also laying down a timestamp.


Breaking News: Benavides replaces Owen on 5th Circuit panel hearing Minor appeal

Yesterday, Y’all Politics reported Paul Minor’s attorney Hiram Eastland petitioned Judge Pricilla Owen to step aside on appeal.  The Y’all post included a copy of Eastland’s letter to Judge Owen.

Having recently been notified that you are to serve on the panel of United States v. Paul S. Minor, No. 07-6075], I respectfully write to call to your attention matters of which you may not be aware in connection with this case. In summary, the matters relate to the intersection between this case and Karl Rove, former adviser to the President. Public sources report that you have a professional and persona] relationship with Mr. Rove. They report that Mr. Rove served as your campaign manager for your election to the Texas Supreme Court and that he received the sum of $250,000 for that engagement. Public sources also report that you and Mr. Rove are personal friends and have been for some time. Similarly, Mr. Rove was a forceful proponent of your nomination to the Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit. Exh.1; Exh. 2…

Obviously, you are in a better position than anyone to evaluate the question best described by the court  in Jordan.  We bring this matter to your attention so that you can make an informed judgment. Please accept this letter and information in the most respectful spirit in which it is intended.

Eastland’s mannerly presentation of the issues had an impact.  Sources in Texas tell SLABBED that Judge Owen stepped aside this morning and Judge Benavides has been appointed to replace her on the panel hearing Minor’s appeal.

$enator Chri$ Dodd’$ baum is still roasting: Dear Barack I really want to help….

Chri$ Dodd shortly after the "Greenberg Genuflection"
Chri$ Dodd shortly after the "Greenberg Genuflection"

Poor Chri$ Dodd just can’t seem to stay out of the news these days. Not only did Pacman like taking the corporate ca$h from Wall Street stalwarts like AIG it seems the execs at AIG circa 2006 decided he needed their personal help as well so the email blast at AIG financial products went out. The Washington Times has the story:

As Democrats prepared to take control of Congress after the 2006 elections, a top boss at the insurance giant American International Group Inc. told colleagues that Sen. Christopher J. Dodd was seeking re-election donations and he implored company executives and their spouses to give. Continue reading “$enator Chri$ Dodd’$ baum is still roasting: Dear Barack I really want to help….”

A possible explanation why the policymakers have funneled so much ca$h to Goldman Sachs through AIG

Zero Hedge may have found us the answer in the Q1 OCC reporting (h/t: Russell):


The OCC discloses the TCE/RBC ratio for the top five banks, and one name in particular jumps out.

Yep, Goldman Sachs… Looks like Blankfein’s minions went from a TCE/RBC ratio of 4% to 1,056% in the span of one quarter! In fact, Goldman is so enamored with Interest Rate Swaps that it has almost the same notional outstanding as Bank of America, and more than Citigroup.

The thing to note, is that unlike both Citi and BofA, which actually are real consumer banks with a depositor base, Goldman is a consumer bank only in name (when is the last time you deposited your cash in a Goldman retail branch?). Continue reading “A possible explanation why the policymakers have funneled so much ca$h to Goldman Sachs through AIG”

SLABBED Daily – April 1

Don’t let the bed bugs bite is my way of introducing the perfect April Fool’s Day story – Mississippi experts publish findings on bedbugs (Clarion Ledger)

Two Mississippi experts have reviewed published articles on bed bugs, and their findings will be appear in Wednesday’s edition of the Journal of the American Medical Association.

Jerome Goddard of Mississippi State University and Dr. Richard deShazo of the University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson examined the evidence regarding the health and medical effects of bed bugs and control and eradication strategies…

I had no idea how little I knew about bed bugs until I read the reader comments to this story:

We brought them back from from vacation two years ago, but I eradicated them very painstakingly…lots of wetting down everything with big jugs of bug spray from Lowes (bedbugs listed on bottle)…Now, first thing we do when entering a hotel room is pull the sheets away from the bed and check corners of mattresses for signs of bedbugs. They leave lots of little specks behind.

The only other news I have to report is that Judge Acker has granted the seven day extension requested by Renfrom Rigsby.

ORDER granting and ordering accordingly Motion for Extension of Time. Signed by Judge William M Acker, Jr on 03/31/09.

Sop and I will be on the lookout for stories to add during the day.  Feel free to add any you find in comments.