$enator Chri$ Dodd You Sanctimonious SumBitch, Welcome to Slabbed

Here at Slabbed, we’ve been on this Gucci suit wearing crook wayyyyyyy before it was fashionable: Yahoo News has the story: (H/T Steve)

Sen. Chris Dodd (D-Conn.) looks like he may be facing a fresh political firestorm.

Dodd just admitted on CNN that he inserted a loophole in the stimulus legislation that allowed million-dollar bonuses to insurance giant AIG to go forward – after previously denying any involvement in writing the controversial provision. .

“We wrote the language in the bill, the deal with bonuses, golden parachutes, excessive executive compensation that was adopted unanimously by the United States Senate in the stimulus bill,” Dodd told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer this afternoon.

“But for that language, there would have been no language to deal with this at all.”

Dodd had previously said that he played no role in writing the controversial language, and was not a part of the conference committee that inserted the language in the bill. As late as today, Dodd’s spokeswoman denied the senator’s involvement.

I’m martini’d up but what the hell. Who wants to see it…Sop v Chris Dodd, cyber venue of his choice. I’ll kick your ass boy…


2 thoughts on “$enator Chri$ Dodd You Sanctimonious SumBitch, Welcome to Slabbed”

  1. I may have been slightly liquored up last night but the time is right.

    And they know it too. Click here and then read my reply. It’s on.

    I’ve spent the last 16 months with one cyber arm behind my back. Not this time.


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