Admiral Lisanby takes the stand – “I trusted them completely”

Adm. James W. Lisanby had been doing business with USAA for 55 years, on all his homeowner and automobile insurance coverage.

“I trusted them completely,” he told a Jackson County jury Thursday morning. But as his testimony unfolded, he showed how he came to believe the company abandoned him…

Lisanby estimates it would take $1.6 million to replace the 6,000-square-foot historic home with eight fireplaces, 10-foot wide halls on both floors and heart-pine flooring. They also lost a guest house and garage-greenhouse…

He recounted how USAA had him and his wife, Gladys, make a contents loss list 109 pages long of thousands of items destroyed by Katrina only to grant him a little less than $5,000 on those items…

The company’s payout, including contents, structure, reimbursement for his out-of-pocket expenses to prevent further damage and two months in a rental house was $46,400…

He and his wife are suing USAA for policy limits of more than $800,000 plus punitive damages.

One unnerving thing that occurred at the end of 2005, he said, was that the company issued the Lisanbys a check for $200, a distribution to policyholders of excess earnings by the company that year. They said they expected to return $6.5 billion in claims and distributions to policyholders that year, a reflection of the company’s strength and stability…

According to this Sun Herald update on events in the courtroom today, the Admiral testified he had not called USAA and reported the flooding of his home.

During his testimony Thursday, the 80-year-old Lisanby debunked a claim that he called USAA on the day of the storm and told the claims office that “the entire first floor was under water” and that he suspected wave action had blown off the roof.

He told the jury that they evacuated to Montgomery, Ala., and had not even returned.

Compare his statement to the one reported in this SLABBED post.

USAA created a claim file with an entry at 11:32 a.m. on the morning of the storm that said the Lisanbys lost their home to “flood from a hurricane.”

Gary Taylor of USAA, who adjusted the claim, said he did not know who made the entry and assumed it was based on a call from James Lisanby, a retired Navy admiral. If Lisanby did not make the call, then Taylor

The trial continues tomorrow in Jackson County.

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