Ladies and Gents I present the “Laid Back”

I think this is a good example of the type of public record Jim Hood and Stacey Pickering would fight tooth and nail to keep from the public. It appears those persistent rumors linking Walker’s doings at DMR to certain boat donation programs associated with CIAP buyout recipient David Harris has legs.

Walker Doster Email Chain 10-26-08 Laid Back

Welp, looks like we’ve finally found one of the lost DMR boats.

Company sues DMR over unclaimed boat ~ Anita Lee

From the communications I’m getting from new readers from the Jackson area a recap post appears in order.  For those of you newbies not yet hip to the socio-political relationships of the players involved at DMR just make a special note of this Harris fella mentioned in Anita’s story above.

To catch up on certain of the major exposures involved for folks like former director Bill Walker along with certain of his political favorites, I highly recommend the series of posts here on Slabbed about the looting of the Coastal Impact Assistance Program as a good start.