It’s time we talked a bit about WWL Radio’s Benjamin Moore Great Home Makeover Contest

It is indeed time folks because something interesting happened right about the time the former Goatherder in Chief crashed and burned in early 2010. Today we set things up we gotta talk about the contest.  WWL radio ran this contest from November 2, 2009 to December 27, 2009 whereby the contest entrants had to go to one of the sponsors to pick up an entry blank before mailing it to the radio station.  There were all manner of home improvement goodies from a variety of sponsors offered.

Why do I mention this? Because there are rumors circulating about this contest that I feel compelled to get to the bottom of and there is enough of a trail out there to do it.  I’m pleased to say this will be a collaborative endeavor, the point of this post to tantalize, tease and perhaps obtain more high quality muck.  WWL Radio is indeed Garlandfill radio and if the rumors are true it will put certain events in a whole other light.

The bottom line is I am not going to rumor monger beyond acknowledging its existence and that the A team is on it. Slabbed will soon be going on assignment digging public documents.

Finally I need to acknowledge and give my heart felt thanks to those that gave to the cause yesterday along with a couple of new contacts from here in the Magnolia State.  I promise every email will be returned but right now things are a bit crazy around here so please bear with me.  🙂

God Bless this great land!

What do the New Orleans Saints, Aaron Broussard and Fred Heebe have in common?

Besides Tom Bensen’s prior socio-economic connections to Broussard that is. Simple folks Entercom’s WWL Big 870 Payola Radio.  Coastal Shoring relentlessly advertises there, with Garland Robinette doing some of the voice work for them while taking a so-called $250,000 loan from Fred Heebe, a man who Stephanie Grace wrote an excellent columnn on yesterday as it related to the latest bombshell of Heebe walking away from the Jefferson Parish Landfill contract.  Connecting a corrupt media outlet to the cesspool is nothing new folks as it happens in comments to almost every T-P column written on Heebe anymore and rightfully so.  Robinette is a whore for certain folks but he is also something worse for WWL and everyone that works there including the Cajun Cannon as Garlandfill is also cancer of the type that will end up afflicting everyone associated with the station, which does not operate in the public interest.

I still listen on occasion folks as I have a duty to listen. That said having to listen to Hokie is almost on par with water boarding.  Now when I listen in I try to figure out the non disclosed financial relationships that impacts their content.  And I especially enjoyed Rich Mauti’s heartfelt segment on Jerry Sandusky where he mentioned the failure of our institutions citing the political corruption scandal in Jefferson Parish as an example before he was quickly herded back onto the reservations by Deke Beleiva, who is better than Hokie but still hard to listen to most of the time. Whew that was close one with Mauti eh Deke? Continue reading “What do the New Orleans Saints, Aaron Broussard and Fred Heebe have in common?”

Garlandfill you can bullshit some of the people some of the time but here at Slabbed we’re immune from your cheap wordsmithing tricks.

There is a stereotype that people here down in the deep south are illiterate racist dumbasses that is sadly reinforced by the charlatans from the area we elect to higher office such as Texas Gov Rick Perry.  Appearances are often deceiving though as there is actually plenty of homespun wisdom that belies the stereotype such as that found on ‘Gate guest post on Lafitte Mayor Tim Kerner. The people here know they are electing crooks to office, at least the minority that are engaged politically. It is accompanied by a sense of helplessness that nothing will change the system so you pick the pol that pays the most attention to your pecuniary needs knowing it means making a bargain with the devil.  IMHO this is also what turns off the majority of the voters – you know the ones that stay home every election day.

I mention all this because the fallout from Paul Rioux’s blockbuster story on Robinette taking payola from Fred Heebe could not be ignored on the backside of the long labor day weekend and judging from the comments left in the paper and the sentiments expressed in the blogosphere the locals know Garland is still trying to blow smoke up our collective ass.  Watching this scandal play out on the Tee Vee news was fun last night.  My expectations were low to begin with and frankly they were not exceeded with one exception as the majority of the coverage was along the lines of what appeared on Gambit’s website in a bland journalistic recitation of Garland’s prepared remarks that really lent no insight to the continued bullshit coming from Team Garlandfill. The exception was Kim Holden’s report for Fox 8 which had that bland recitation part but also contained the insights of a real estate specialized lawyer in Marx Sterbcow. For those that like connecting dots Marx is the son of Arthur Sterbcow. Arthur of course made the news last year when he was canned from Latter & Blum after he assisted the T-P in exposing some problems in property tax assessments in Jefferson Parish crossing Lawrence Chehardy (and Dutchie Connick) in the process. The Sterbcows know their real estate and Holden was smart to get reaction from Marx because Garlandfill’s story has  problems as I predicted when I said he was better off not saying anything (because once you get on the slippery slope of lies and buillshit there is only one place for the crap to flow).  Here is a snippet:

According to Robinette’s attorney, the loan from Heebe was backed by a vacant lot Robinette’s wife, Nancy Rhett, owns in Tchefuncte Club Estates in Covington.

FOX 8 searched St. Tammany Parish Clerk of Court records and did not find any legal documentation to show the property was used as collateral.

Local real estate attorney Marx Sterbcow says it is highly unusual, given the amount of money involved. Continue reading “Garlandfill you can bullshit some of the people some of the time but here at Slabbed we’re immune from your cheap wordsmithing tricks.”

Heebe’s whores: The Garland Robinette connection to the Jefferson Parish Political Corruption Scandal revealed.

Legendary wrestler Stone Cold Steve Austin has a couple of great taglines both of which are easily transferable to Slabbed.  For example Slabbed 3:16 means we just cyber whipped your ass and DTA means Don’t Trust Anyone.  When it comes to dealing with the media in greater New Orleans I’ve found that last bit of advice particularly salient, especially when it comes to the TeeVee news in NOLA and the big three media outlets, Channels 4, 6 & 8 and the web sites affiliated with them.  But alas this post isn’t about the plants, puppets and tools such as Eric Paulsen or WWL-TV “pundit”/Gambitman Clancy Dubos though the refresher helps set up this post. This post is all about radio pundit Garland Robinette, a Grover Norquist parrot that got wayyyyyy too much post Katrina media face time IMHO.  In particular Slabbed broke Robinette’s involvement in the landfill portion last December though we did not mention him by name. But eventually I did name his name in the same post that tagged Gambitman in March that is worth revisiting in part:

And this brings us to Channel 4 editorialists and Gambit man Clancy Dubos, who I think has revealed himself as a Fred Heebe waterboy when he checked in with this missive on how River Birch has a new PR firm that is somehow kicking ass. (I swear you can’t make this stuff up). The truth here is that River Birch has pretty much gotten its ass kicked in the PR arena despite throwing big money out on full-page ads, hired gun economists and the like. After reading Clancy’s story I was left with the impression Loren Scott was a PR shill instead of an economist but we already figured that out for ourselves. I can’t wait until Scott’s work product is produced by River Birch as I suspect we’ll have a copy for everyone to examine here on Slabbed once it becomes part of the court record. A deposition of Loren Scott is likely also in order and maybe we’ll all find out how much money Scott’s wife at Blue Cross made underwriting insurance for Tim Whitmer to sell River Birch.

Finally, I also now wonder who else Team River Birch was paying as consultants, especially other members of the local media whose land dealings with Team Heebe have been the subject of federal subpoena.

All I know is with all the events that are unfolding……

There’s no controlling the unrolling of your fate, my friend,
Who knows what’s written in the magic book.

I can not lie I knew something big was coming this week as I sensed a disturbance in the force.  This morning Paul Rioux over at the Times Picayune solves the mystery for us in a story that shows exactly how Heebe was pulling the strings of his media puppet Garland Robinette. It is a must read folks.  Here is a snippet as we welcome back our old Slabbed fav Dane Ciolino: Continue reading “Heebe’s whores: The Garland Robinette connection to the Jefferson Parish Political Corruption Scandal revealed.”

Garland is Raising Hell and Slabbed is Gonna to Help Him

In my Around the GO Zone post this morning I linked this T-P news story on the House being on the verge of killing funding for certain Katrina related recovery projects that are very important to our friends in Louisiana. I ran some errands late this morning and since I’m a coast boy I listen to WWL radio not Supertalk (thank God).  Garland Robinette, a media personality that is well known and loved here has issued the call for action. Here is the link to his website and whom to call in DC to keep Katrina recovery in HR 2642.

Time to raise some hell and let the people in DC know these projects are very important.