Gentlemen, grab your dresses. Saints parade and the soul of New Orleans

New Orleans sports radio legend Buddy Diliberto always promised he would wear a dress if the Saints ever made the Superbowl, secure in the knowledge (as he would sometimes say) that it would never happen in his lifetime. By all accounts Buddy D was a fun loving guy so I’m certain he’d appreciate the spectacle of Sunday’s “Bunch-of-Men’s Dress March”. There is a Mississippi connection as Buddy D’s son Chris of Ocean Springs plans to attend to make good on his Dad’s promise to the Who Dat Nation. James Jones at the Sun Herald filed the story:

Longtime WWL radio personality Buddy Diliberto promised to wear a dress if the New Orleans Saints reached the Super Bowl.

Unfortunately, Diliberto died before seeing the Saints finally make it.

Chris Diliberto will honor his late father’s promise to Saints fans this weekend in the Crescent City before the team heads to Miami for Super Bowl XLIV and a date with the Indianapolis Colts.

Chris Diliberto, of Ocean Springs, was in Gulfport Tuesday night to pick out a dress to fulfill his dad’s promise. Former Saints quarterback Bobby Hebert and Abdul D. Tentmakur of Vancleave, who both work for WWL 870 AM, will also wear dresses. Continue reading “Gentlemen, grab your dresses. Saints parade and the soul of New Orleans”

The past that isn’t even past – and the present of Paul Minor

Attorneys for Paul Minor  filed an emergency release motion with the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals on Monday seeking his immediate release while the court deliberates his appeal.

It is the last chance Minor will get to see his wife before her imminent death.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., reported the story on the Huffington Post and, to some, he has become the story.

Federal troops on patrol in Oxford, Mississippi 1962 "The Ghosts of Mississippi" (Wright Thompson, CNN)

Outraged by his suggestion Minor has committed no crime other than being the number one donor to Democratic candidates in Mississippi, you’d think he was the Kennedy enrolling Meredith in Ole Miss. Faulkner was right, The past isn’t dead, it isn’t even pastContinue reading “The past that isn’t even past – and the present of Paul Minor”

What is the cost of not knowing?

The most delightful little boy one could ever hope to know has grown into a most remarkable man. 

Wright Thompson is a senior writer for and ESPN The Magazine. He can be reached at [email protected] He was born in Clarksdale, Miss., and lives in Oxford.

I’ve been reading Wright since he learned to write and enjoying every word.  I happened by folo earlier and, as luck would have it,  someone had just posted a comment with the link to his Ghosts of Mississippi,

As Wright weaves  the story of the integration of Ole Miss into the 1962 football season, you can feel the shame and smell the bourbon.

When I was 5 or 6, because of my dad’s political activism in the Mississippi Delta, local white supremacists burned a cross in our front yard. My parents had a decision to make: Wake me up or let me sleep. They chose sleep. On that night, hate and fear would not be passed to another generation. Continue reading “What is the cost of not knowing?”