Jeremy Alford has a little something for everyone with Jindy's Cash Cows…

Folks, rarely has a writer managed to weave so many angles of interest to the Slabbed Nation into one article as nicely as free-lance writer Jeremy Alford does for Gambit in his article Cash Cows. (H/T Editilla) There is only one place I know of that has woven players like Worley Catastrophe, Bermdoggle, Allan “Show me the Money” Kanner plus TheRiot and Magnum JD into a narrative and that of course is right here.  Jeremy gets an A+.


Claims Magazine updates the changes in BP spill claims. ESIS still out. Worley still in.

We recently highlighted this unfolding story here which has been made easier for us due to the fact both Deb at Dimechimes and Claims Magazine contributor Mary Anne Medina have been monitoring the developments closely.

So speaking of developments, Crawford and Company went on the record for Claims Magazine and confirmed that ESIS has been curbed and they are now in helping Ken Feinberg dole out money from the BP claims fund. Worley Catastrophe, a name we well know here at Slabbed is also still in helping staff the claims centers. Once again Deb at Dimechimes gets the hat tip for keeping this story on our radar screens.

We’ll keep updating this story here on Slabbed as it develops.


The failure is complete: This is what has happened on Grand Isle Louisiana.

The sorry sad fact is the politicians are as much to blame as BP. In Jefferson Parish a political hack named Deano Bonano is in charge of this and he is sponsored by crooked local politicians.  Throw in some worthless contractors including our old friends at Worley Catastrophe and an oil company with an open checkbook and the clusterfuck is complete.

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