Talking “flood” with Noah and the NFIP

Conversations about the “plain, ordinary and generally prevailing definition” of the word flood have been at the front line of the legal storm that followed Katrina.  That “generally prevailing definition” appears to include the widely accepted notion that flood water rises.  However, IMO that simply is not the case – and I”m somewhat of an expert.

My friends would attest to my expertise, particularly those close enough to know I’ve let my bathub overflow more than once.  In fact, if pressed, my nearest and dearest, might even talk about the small tsunami I created at a popular resort hotel by turning on the whirlpool jets in the tub just a wee bit early, shall we say.  Home or hotel, it matters not, as there is simply no other word to describe the results but “flood” – a word that most would also use to describe what happens if you put detergent in your dishwasher; and, yes, I’ve done that, too, but only once.

In spite of what appears to be considerable effort on my part, my “flooding” is not NFIP recognized.

According to the NFIP Summary of Coverage, a  flood is “A general and temporary condition of partial or complete inundation of two or more acres of normally dry land area or of two or more properties (at least one of which is your property) from one of these sources: Continue reading “Talking “flood” with Noah and the NFIP”

McCain Comes Out Against a Federal Multi Peril Solution: Slabbers Everywhere Unite for Obama!

I had a feeling the presidential candidates would narrow down the field from two to one for us slabbers on their own and John McCain has done the narrowing. The big business loving wing of the party may just cause me to leave the Senate race ballot blank too. I simply will not vote against my economic interests in 2008. Arthur Postal has the story for the National Underwriter:

Republican presumptive presidential candidate John McCain voiced opposition to a bill proposing a national risk pool for natural catastrophes, and a Florida Democratic congressman rebuked him for his comments.

The issue arose yesterday, when the Arizona senator, while traveling on his campaign bus in Florida, said while he sympathizes with homeowners battered by soaring insurance costs, he was not prepared to endorse a national risk pool as a way to bring those prices down. Continue reading “McCain Comes Out Against a Federal Multi Peril Solution: Slabbers Everywhere Unite for Obama!”

The Human Equation in the Katrina Litigation Group DQ

We have our first filed news story concerning one of the former clients of Katrina Litigation Group now forced to find new representation courtesy of WLOX. Some background is in order. Like the McIntoshes these policy holders reside north of I-10.   Following the print story is a Youtube clip of the their lead story on February 28, 2008.

A Gulfport couple is among the hundreds of Mississippi homeowners sent scrambling to find new attorneys this week.

On Friday, a federal judge disqualified lawyers who had worked with attorney Dickie Scruggs on Katrina insurance lawsuits. The judge said Scruggs made improper payments to witnesses in Katrina cases. But Ann and Eddie Collins say the policy holders are the ones being punished. Continue reading “The Human Equation in the Katrina Litigation Group DQ”