BREAKING: US Supreme Court unanimously rules in favor of Rigsby Sisters against State Farm!

This is breaking news folks and I will have more but for now click below to get the full 13 page decision, hot of the press. Its accountability time for State Farm and that is gonna cost the Rust family some big money:

Rigsby - Supreme Court

The bottom line is “Trailer lawyers” > than State Farm’s lawyers.

Whistleblower Guest Post | Anne Vandenweghe: “Darkness allows evil to flourish”

February 2, 2015
Harahan, Louisiana

Darkness allows evil to flourish. Whistleblowers are the flashlights that show the spotlights where to shine. In a perfect world once the evil is spotlighted it is eradicated. In a perfect world whistleblowers are celebrated. We do not live in a perfect world. Hence the importance of protecting whistleblowers’ anonymity and the absolute necessity for free speech whether through main stream or social media.

The retribution and retaliation heaped upon anyone daring to blow the whistle on corruption never ceases: one is ostracized and ‘red circled’. Everyone praises your integrity and courage but no one wants to hire you. IMHO they fear exposure of known and unknown problems in their businesses. So while they’ve ‘got your back’ and give lip service to supporting you, they are jamming the knife deep.

There are those few intrepid, courageous patriots who understand our United States Constitution and believe in the necessity for absolute freedom of speech. Men and women who stand and oppose any infringement upon our inalienable rights and who march to the beat of the First Amendment.

One such is Douglas Handshoe. Another Bobby Truitt. I know these two men personally and can attest to their fortitude. There are others no doubt with whom I am not acquainted and whose motto also may well be: “I may not agree with what you say but I will fight to the death for your right to say it.” Continue reading “Whistleblower Guest Post | Anne Vandenweghe: “Darkness allows evil to flourish””

If you’re a US citizen and not concerned yet………

Then the next question that would come to mind is whether or not there is a pulse.  What good does is there in having a Constitution if the powers that be repeatedly ignore it?

United States of Secrets Part Two: Privacy Lost ~ Frontline

As I watched, certain memories of days moderating Slabbed gone by washed over me. Ignatius certainly has a clue but the implications raised by the Frontline series lead to some places that I still do not feel comfortable writing about despite the fact I have no national security exposures that I am aware.  I will say that sometime in  early 2012 I came to a conclusion that I time stamped with song, as is my wont.

Be careful out there for Obama is as bad as George Bush when it comes to disregard of our basic civil liberties and worse when it comes to crushing whistle blowers.

So I hear my ears shudda been burning last night: A periodic examination of the media and journalism in the public interest

A few weeks ago I asked the Slabbed Nation exactly how much independent news and commentary was worth. This is not a one and done conversation by any stretch as I absolutely intend to continue having it with those of you that have exhibited the courage to hit the “Post Comment” button and the thousands of you guys that stop here everyday satisfying the need to know what is going on in this area.

So yup, my ears should’ve been burning last night but they weren’t (more on that later) but the events again begs the question exactly how much is independent news and commentary worth? Today, the PBS show Frontline provides the backdrop because I was too riveted by excellent TeeVee journalism last night for my ears to burn as we again examine that question. First we start with this gem I’ve been holding for a few months:

N.F.L. Pressure Said to Lead ESPN to Quit Film Project ~ Ken Belson and James Andrew Miller

On Thursday, ESPN, which has spent heavily in recent years to build its investigative reporting team, abruptly ended its affiliation with “Frontline,” a public affairs television series that was weeks from showing a jointly produced two-part investigative project about the N.F.L.’s contentious handling of head injuries. The divorce came a week after the N.F.L. voiced its displeasure with the documentary at a lunch between league and ESPN executives, according to two people with direct knowledge of the situation.

It is a fundamental law of the media industry that when you add advertisers you add sacred cows aka topics that will never be covered because of those sacred cows. Throw in other contractual relationships like the one between ESPN and the NFL and the conflict between journalism in the public interest and $$$$$$$ becomes acute.

Frontline is donor funded and while that can also lead to conflict between journalism and the (new) Benjamins typically any strings are attached on the front end of the journalism thus the potential for conflict is less. It shows in the reporting. Continue reading “So I hear my ears shudda been burning last night: A periodic examination of the media and journalism in the public interest”

I understand the Vandenweghe settlement has been signed, sealed and delivered

And history will note the saga of the workplace retaliation taken against whistleblower Anne Marie Vandenweghe is Slabbed’s second real time account of such events lest we forget Cori and Kerri Rigsby.  I know it certainly would not appear this way to Team Vandenweghe, but against State Farm the thugs in Jefferson Parish Government are mere pikers. Nonetheless, I’d like to congratulate the Young Administration and Team AMV for resolving this matter in the best interest of the local taxpayers.

Details of the deal are confidential and it is a safe assumption that there is a golden handcuff component because I did not hear about the finalization of the settlement, first reported on Slabbed, from anyone connected to Team Vandenweghe. Then again my sources in Jefferson Parish are second to none despite the fact I generally do not play with politicians as a general rule.

I mention all this because I intend to tell the story from my perspective of a journalist that witnessed many of the events from my perch at Slabbed real time over the past 3 plus years including the events that I think led to what became the prosecutions of Aaron Broussard, Tom Wilkinson, Tim Whitmer and Karen Parker.  I hope Nassim Taleb approves because it is truly a tale of chance mixed with epic douchebaggery that resulted in multiple felony convictions against multiple parties.

But before that happens I have one small matter in the NOLA CDC that will need to be tended to as Aaron Broussard’s former partner in the legal department of the Super 8 Motel on Clearview Parkway, Danny Abel has filed another defamation suit against me, Vandenweghe as well as every one of my Louisiana based attorneys in Bobby Truitt, Scott Sternberg, Brodie Glenn and Baldwin Haspel managing partner Paul Vance as well as the law firm itself via a screed that is essentially a recycled version of the defamation suit Abel walked away from in the LAED back in May of this year on the eve of my special motion to strike his complaint under Louisiana’s Anti SLAPP Statute. Judge Piper Griffin has been assigned the case.

Even the seeing eye dog could see it was wind damage to the McIntosh residence…….

I’m not certain brainwashed is a good term as much eveyone certainly knowing that leaving Lecky King’s reservation was bad for career longevity.

Engineer in trial over Biloxi home calls insurance adjusters ‘brainwashed’ ~ Anita Lee

And under the new NFIP rules once the insurance company gives the storm damaged homeowner (and the taxpayers) the shaft, they stick ’em with the bill for it. Multiply the above many times over and you get the picture of what the insurance companies did down here after Hurricane Katrina.

It’s showtime BABY! The Rigsby sisters finally get their day in court

And the 7 year to trial standard for False Claims Act cases is maintained as I heard from Nowdy on Slabbed’s original whistleblowers:

Katrina whistle-blower case starts in federal court ~ Anita Lee

If you want to understand Ex Rel Rigsby this post is the short version of the tale. Here is the latest from the artist formerly known as Nowdoucit:

Ozerden may prove to be as smart as people claimed when he was appointed…but…then again, maybe I’m just “cold” since this case is so old…

I don’t recall ever seeing a pre-trial Order a whopping 500 pages – size alone is impressive – so is the detail…although I’ve just glanced over. Seems to be tight ship.

More impressive is the way he’s dealing with SF…makes me wonder if/how much impact (1) Hurricane Sandy claims handling has had on his thinking about insurance companies and (2) the incredible “reserves”/”profits” SF reported recently (don’t recall the exact amount but I’m thinking it might have been $7billion!

Anyway, he ruled on the SF motion to substitute expert “denied in part and “granted” in part – but the part he “denied” was the substitution SF requested and the pared he “granted” was the use of previous deposition as Rigsby’s suggested – but not necessarily all of it!

Every time he appears to be “giving in” – as we’ve seen with virtually every judge in the past, he’s not giving in at all…and…the detail in this Order (maybe others too) makes me think he’s taking extra care to make them “bullet proof” in terms of appeal.

Don’t miss it – the Order is easy read – will be interested to see how it plays out.

Oh sweet Lord do I have an update on Vandenweghe v Jefferson Parish!

We have video depositions coming soon but for those of you that want a literal behind the scenes peek at recent events in Vandenweghe v Jefferson Parish should check it out below the jump. Continue reading “Oh sweet Lord do I have an update on Vandenweghe v Jefferson Parish!”

Lets discover something about Vandenweghe v Jefferson Parish and TheRiot

Rut roh! (And TheRiot is toast)

Definitions and Instructions

a. Neither the word “or” nor the word “and” should be interpreted so as to eliminate any part of any response to any of these Requests.
b. “You” means Defendants, the Parish of Jefferson and Steve J. Theriot, and any of their agents or employees acting within the scope of their agency or employment.
c. “Documents” means anything within the scope of Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 34.

Please identify all at-will Parish employees terminated by the Parish after John Young became Parish President; identify all such employees who refused to submit a resignation letter as a condition of employment.

Please explain, in detail, why the Plaintiff’s employment with the Parish of Jefferson was terminated. Was Plaintiff’s refusal to submit a letter of resignation the sole reason for her termination? If not, please identify any other reasons.

Does the Parish currently require employees to submit letter of resignation as a condition of continued employment? If not, advise why this policy was changed and when.

Do the defendants acknowledge that the Plaintiff was cooperating with Federal authorities in corruption investigations? If so, please identify all persons with knowledge of Plaintiff’s cooperation, the dates that they became aware, and any adverse action, response, emails, memoranda or correspondence generated in response to Plaintiff’s cooperation. Continue reading “Lets discover something about Vandenweghe v Jefferson Parish and TheRiot”

Vandenweghe v The Parish of Jefferson is headed to trial

For true it is folks.  For purposes of this post please do not assume Ms Vandenweghe’s lawyer, Bobby Truitt has spoken with Slabbed on this subject because he hasn’t. That said there is some very interesting street talk over by the Super 8 Motel on Clearview Parkway concerning the witness list in the case, which has not been made public on PACER.  I guess the most impressive name circulating in the rumor mill is Fred Heebe himself along with his lap dog Steve Theriot, who I contend was installed as interim Jefferson Parish Prez after Aaron Broussard resigned in disgrace in order to protect the financial interests in the landfill associated with Louisiana Senate President John Alario aka “Big Dawg”.  Theriot aka “Lil’ Pup” is a political protege of Alario.

In any event all I know for certain is settlement talks in the case have collapsed and the trial date is scheduled for late April, 2013.  After the depositions in this case are taken I’ll see what I can do to nab the transcripts so everyone can get  a peek inside the litigation.