Sacked: Jefferson Parish Housing Authority members shit-canned by Parish Prez John Young

Drew Broach is reporting John Young has fired 6 board members of the JP Housing Authority.  In addition to the 3 board members that openly supported disgraced former executive director Barry Bordelon he also discharged the 3 board members that abstained likely because they choose to sit on their hands instead of discharge their fiduciary duty to the Housing Authority.

Political observers tell Slabbed to expect the Housing Authority Board to file writs with the 24th JDC for a TRO. Pop some popcorn because we got us a major battle brewing.

File this one under power of the written word.

The crooks at the Jefferson Parish Housing Authority are alright: Board refuses to fire Barry Bordelon

It is in your face corruption folks.  Those catching up may recall the HUD OIG issued a scathing report on the Jefferson Parish Housing Authority including potential criminal misdeeds on part of former executive director Barry Bordelon.  Naomi Martin at NOLA filed a very good report on the topic as it appears the gang of malfeasants on the Housing Authority Board are conspiring to insure Bordelon gets his full state retirement, despite the fact OIG makes clear he is as crooked as the day is long.  Martin’s story is a must read because she named names folks.

This kind of in your face, public disregard for fiduciary duty does not happen often folks as Hunley Dufour Jr. feigned ignorance of the kind that would have resulted in both tar and feather in an earlier day as Monica Hernandez at WWL Tee Vee illustrates:

Folks this kind of disregard for both the law and community can be cleaned up but people are gonna have to make noise.  I think ‘Gate once pointed out there is a criminal malfeasance statute in Louisiana.  Buddy Caldwell would be the guy to pursue anything along those lines and if enough people call his office and raise cain, well “tickle my ass with a feather” ol boy may just do something to earn his paycheck.  And of course there is the new guy Dana over at Car 54.

I heard there was a major scandal brewing over at the Jefferson Parish Housing Board…..(Updated)

Folks Chris Roberts may do an excellent job acting stupid about Girod Jackson, but it appears his buddy from the West Bank that moonlights as a state legislator is again in the news and not for anything good as the guy shows up prominently in this  U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Office of the Inspector General Audit of the Jefferson Parish Housing Authority, which looks to be a classic Conprofit.  You have the Board of Directors slopping at the trough siphoning out obscene amounts of money for themselves, you have professional services contracts let without competition or documentation and over $600,000 in questioned cost were missed by Rebowe and Company, a politically connected CPA firm that supposedly audited the Housing Authority.

Even better we have Elton LaGasse’s former main man Barry “Da Bagman” Bordelon at the center of the scandal as he is the Executive Director of the whole disaster and was evidently double dipping because when he is not lobbying for trash companies like IESI he was splitting purchases to hide the payments to Jackson.

Barry Bordelon, the executive director of the Housing Board is no relation to Da Bagman. I did find this from December 2010 that explains this guy in detail:

The Louisiana Housing Development Corp.’s contract began around the time Barry D. Bordelon signed on as the Housing Authority’s executive director. Bordelon, who is not the same Barry Bordelon who serves as Parish Councilman Elton Lagasse’s top aide, previously sat on the Housing Authority’s board for 14 years and was chairman through each of the previous investigations. He resigned in 2002, around the time of the FBI investigation, only to be hired four years later.

The fact Mini-me’s grandstanding in the above article resulted in his friend Girod Jackson being exposed is priceless folks.

None of this is a secret folks despite the fact US Attorney Jim Letten has done his best to ignore the low level rot exemplified by other conprofits that have made the news.  Here are 4 links to posts that appeared on Slabbed dealing with Byron Lee, Girod Jackson beginning with this post circa November 2010.  Chris Roberts liked to act stupid with his Girod who? comedy skit but we debunked that bit of bullshit here, just after Jackson was profiled on Fox 8 for ripping off homeowners taking money and not doing work.  Jackson also showed up in two of the three posts I did on Byron Lee’s conprofit, the Jefferson Sports and Scholastic Foundation.

H/T several readers and the story for the HUD/OIG report link.  Car 54, where are you????