Monday Morning Omnibus: “Gone to hell in a hand basket”

Oh the memories……

I regret to announce that my previously unannounced central Mississippi tour this week has been cancelled.  I’ll likely make it up to Jacktown next month as it stands now.

First up is problems in the engine room here at Slabbed.  I dispatched Mr Scott and even he was confounded. So on the theory people across this great nation are both paying close attention and Slabbed positive I sent off a bat signal:

What can I say but 20 minutes later:

Plus DJ sent a detailed email explaining that one of the dilithium crystal nodes in the warp core needed replacing.  With that fixed and before we engage the warp drive how about some lovely music that first appeared on these pages in our insurance litigation blogging days:

First up is a question.  How can one tell when New Orleans Police Chief Ronal Serpas is lying about NOLA crime stats? Answer: Continue reading “Monday Morning Omnibus: “Gone to hell in a hand basket””


How Team Letten could f*ck up the Jefferson Parish investigation defies the imagination as it was literally shooting fish in a barrel with in your face corruption. That said Slabbed has been detailing former Parish Councilman Byron Lee’s double dealing since 2010 so nothing in Hammerman’s report detailing Fred Heebe and Dominick Fazzio stuffing his pocket’s full of illicit campaign ca$h surprises me:

Hammerman mentions the Concrete Busters lawsuit I do not see it going anywhere.  All eye on the Waste Management suit.

Coming Monday on Camp Street: The former Goatherder in Chief gets his just deserts

And folks I couldn’t have explained the nuances to this any better than Drew Broach did for NOLA Media Group.  This part echos a theory I’ve had since last fall:

And were the government to promote Broussard’s cooperation to Head before sentencing, it ordinarily would do it by writing what is known as a 5K letter. The court record in the case contains no indication that such a letter has been submitted.

That could mean several things, say several defense lawyers familiar with the case. Perhaps Broussard has given information on River Birch privately, in interviews and grand jury testimony, but won’t receive a government recommendation for help until after he goes to prison. That’s an uncommon, but not unique, sequence of events.

Drew is fair including the theory the former Goatherder in Chief does not know much about the alleged racketeering conspiracy involving the River Birch Landfill but given the Dutchie Connick memo written in 2004 that possibility is remote.  That said sources indicate to Slabbed that Aaron Broussard was overheard in a restaurant (Andrea’s) recently saying he was taking all his “secrets to the grave” so my guess would be a lack of cooperation with the prosecutors.

Also Drew correctly points out Broussard was never known as a wealthy man but that was part of the scam with the guy, always broke, always out of money having to borrow from his friends.  My sources, some of whom date to Broussard’s college days, describe him to Slabbed as the consummate hustler and the always being broke routine was part of  it.

Given his flippant behavior after his last court appearance before Judge Hayden Head, I would add it is not outside the realm of possibility his Honor remands the disgraced former Goatherder in Chief  to federal custody immediately. That in turn, would give me the warm fuzzies.

Slabbed will be there Monday to cover the events live from Lafayette Square where I hope to have a live interview with the legendary Wino of Lafayette Square.  Meantime, since Aaron’s days with us here in the community are short before his extended vacation at the Graybar Hotel, I would like to turn to new media sensation Alexyss Tylor from Atlanta for some timely prison advice for the former Goatherder in Chief. Continue reading “Coming Monday on Camp Street: The former Goatherder in Chief gets his just deserts”

The abiding question: Why did Judge Brown recuse herself from Vandenweghe v Jefferson Parish

This is the question I have been asking myself for a few weeks now. Some of you folks may remember I did something over the Christmas Break I have never done, ever in the history of Slabbed: I pulled a post. Tomorrow I hope to roll it back out thanks to a steer Slabbed received from a new friend and share the impetus for writing it to begin with. Whatever the truth is, it is far bigger than Slabbed New Media and I think we’re closing in.

Worth repeating take note: Let’s talk Paul Connick Sr. and his son Dutchie Connick

From my comment on Slabbed solves the mystery on the shores of the Tusket River in Nova Scotia as we reveal the Trout Point connection to the Jefferson Parish Political Corruption Scandal

Paying people as Paralegals that did not report to work has been a time-honored practice dating back to the Tim Coulon days as Parish Prez. Of course we all know Tom Wilkinson was Coulon’s guy for Parish attorney.

Slabbed of course was on this topic “first with the most” way back in February 2010 courtesy of Telemachus when the name Paul Connick Sr entered the lexicon of the Slabbed.

To their credit Channel 6, working quietly in the background on this matter in July of last year checked in with this:

But Parker Broussard isn’t the only one on the list with political ties in Jefferson Parish. Also listed as a paralegal is Paul Connick Sr. Continue reading “Worth repeating take note: Let’s talk Paul Connick Sr. and his son Dutchie Connick”

Worth Repeating Take Note: Repeat adds some valuable insight.

I’m having an email problem evidently as this comment from Repeat on the post about the latest Waste Management lawsuit did not come up on my smart phone.  Dominick Fazzio gets around folks.


BREAKING: Waste Management files suit against River Birch, Heebe and Jim Ward.

Hat tip Jr in comments for linking the AP story on Fox 8 regarding same. The RICO complaint is full of salacious details as once again Heebe’s waterboys in the local media take center stage:

In addition to bribing public officials to directly pervert the political process, the River Birch Defendants took other actions to successfully manufacture the appearance of “public opposition” to that landfill so as to prevent or delay competition from Waste Management’s Chef Menteur facility. Specifically, the River Birch Defendants made a substantial, undisclosed interest free and unrecorded “loan” of $250,000 to radio host Garland Robinette after Mr. Robinette, armed with false and misleading information in direct contravention of the LDEQ’s informed opinion, routinely railed against the purportedly harmful environmental consequences of opening and operating the Chef Menteur and Old Gentilly landfills. So effective was Mr. Robinette in corrupting the public dialogue that even the LDEQ felt it was unable to communicate its position on the benefits of the Chef Menteur and Old Gentilly landfills as safe and valuable alternatives to disposal at the River Birch landfills.

And Team Waste Management is squarely targeting Heebe’s lawyers as it appears they are witnesses to this entire affair: Continue reading “BREAKING: Waste Management files suit against River Birch, Heebe and Jim Ward.”