Slabbed Welcomes our World Wide Readers Interested in Finding Ward Buel (Updated)

I’m at a loss to explain why our post Ward, Please Come Home Safe has experienced such a dramatic spike in readership since late this morning but I do hope the source of this publicity helps his family locate him. They read us and if you wish to leave a message of encouragement to Ward’s family please feel free. While the time elapsed since his disappearance has been very discouraging I am very encouraged by the fact people are interested in finding him and care enough to find out more.

If you leave a message please understand that WordPress puts your first comment into moderation. We’ll get them up just please bear with us.

I also ask the other blogs that monitor us to help get the word out.

(Update) Our thanks to Editilla d’Aphasia (aka Slabbed Brother Bruce) at the New Orleans News Ladder for helping spread the word about Ward. You da man Bro and you have our thanks!


Ward, Please Come Home Safe

I’ve struggled since Wednesday whether to publicize the disappearance of elderly Alzheimer’s disease afflicted Hancock County resident Ward Buel here on slabbed but an email from a client finally tipped the decision to link the Sun Herald article. When Ward was working for another of my clients I had the opportunity to get to know him. Pre-Alzheimer’s he was a gifted project manager who could estimate and tackle the most complicated infrastructure or site prep jobs. He was completely devoted to his wife of many years and is a great human being.

I hope our readers will help his family publicize Ward’s disappearance so that we can get him back home. Continue reading “Ward, Please Come Home Safe”