Churn baby churn

Too big to fail, too big to jail and the revolving door from Wall Street to the Office of Attorney General and back to Wall Street. Folks, your Grandpa’s Democrats wouldn’t recognize the new ones or if he did he’d swear they are Republicans. Below is a must read.

Slabbed was and remains an early innovator on this topic:

Thank God for Arizona Part 3: Blaming the surge in drug violence on the Mexicans. God damn the pusher man (and his U.S. banker).

The ultimate solution is to legalize Marijuana in the US. That one action would kneecap the drug cartels and their crooked bankers. We’d also save money not jailing Cheech and Chong (or the local equivalent in your area). Speaking of that:

Next up is the implosion of Prestige Title circa 2009 as its topical to the Bay Audit Presentation post: Continue reading “Churn baby churn”

Coast news miscellany: Vic Planetta in a world of hurt and idiocy at the Mississippi Gaming Commission

Sorry son, you were caught smoking a joint 30 years ago so your fired…..

Anita Lee details a bit of war on drug idiocy in her profile of Victor Hanson, a family man who lost his job at the Palace Casino in 2008 because he was caught smoking a joint in Biloxi over 3o years ago. The war on drugs is both a failure and boondoggle that flushes billions of scarce taxpayer dollars down the black hole every year to no good end. One day the powers that be will learn that treating social problems such as addictions as a law enforcement problem is beyond silly.

In other news former coast modular home builder Vic Planetta is in a world of trouble as he and his wifey are charged with defrauding the SBA after Katrina to the tune of over $1,000,000. This story is rich for me on a couple of different levels, none of which I’ll go into here on Slabbed. Greed kills Vic, greed kills……


Saturday Music: Free Willie!!!

I might as well come right out and say I favor de-criminalization of marijuana for many reasons, including the spectacular failure of the “War on Drugs”, a multi billion dollar boondoggle, especially in today’s day and age where teachers are being shown the door and state budgets are being cut to the bone. So with today’s news that Willie Nelson was arrested for marijuana possession after his bus was stopped and searched by the border patrol for illegal aliens, I’d also like to remind our readers of the great price everyone pays when we give up our own liberties to satisfy a right wing lead effort to scapegoat Mexicans for all that ails this once great land (instead of the Wall Street executives that threw millions out of work due to greed and fraud and the demagogue politicians that enable them).

I have 3 posts and a link on this general topic from the archives:

  1. Just as with prohibition, our drug laws have actually created the monsters that profit from drug trade.  A growing number of folks in the know, including three former Central/South American Presidents, have called for legalization as the best way to curb the drug cartels.
  2. In what I consider my greatest post on Slabbed bar none I take the sack of shit also known as former Attorney General Ed Meese to the woodshed as we exposed his role in the 1980s drug trade down here in Soggy Bottom. Those of you that read the comments will also understand why I also wish I had never published it.
  3. I again tackle that Wall Street Journal article on the failure of the war on drugs that I linked in post #1 above and add former hedge fund manager Andrew Lahde and his famous farewell letter in a post that gets regular traffic to this day from every major global investment bank and certain interesting locales in California.  (Maybe Andrew will drop us a line one day 🙂 )
  4. Finally in response to the law enforcement Chicken Littles that wax ignorant about the bad impacts of decriminalization of Marijuana, Portugal has already been there, done that and experienced great results.

Without further adieu lets hear from Willie himself:


Free Willie!


Slabbed finds former hedge fund manager Andrew Lahde at a “420 celebration”.

October 17, 2008

Today I write not to gloat. Given the pain that nearly everyone is experiencing, that would be entirely inappropriate. Nor am I writing to make further predictions, as most of my forecasts in previous letters have unfolded or are in the process of unfolding. Instead, I am writing to say good-bye.

So wrote former hedge fund manager Andrew Lahde as he opened his farewell letter to his investors after hitting the jackpot shorting often talked about but little known financial instruments with acronyms like RMBS, CMBS, ABS, etc the public would later know as “toxic paper”. This wasn’t just any farewell letter though as Ladhe would later make clear as we continue:

So this is it.  With all due respect, I am dropping out.  Please do not expect any type of reply to emails or voice mails within normal time frames or at all.

So it is clear Andrew is done. He gives us a hint as to his future plans as he closes his letter: Continue reading “Slabbed finds former hedge fund manager Andrew Lahde at a “420 celebration”.”

So Ed Meese wants to talk “conservative values”. Is drug running conservative? Slabbed reports you decide.

Barry Seal, after the hit

This has been an exceptionally brutal week at for me as is normal for a private practice CPA in February. In my world Mardi Gras day is simply another workday and I’m lucky if I can make it to get some ashes the next day.  As is often the case with some of the topics we cover on Slabbed our posts derive from what are seemingly unrelated subjects and indeed some of our best blogging IMHO has derived from such serendipitous events. So a late night glance at a recent WaPo story re-printed in the Nation and World section of the Sun Herald earlier this week which mentioned Ed Meese coupled with me researching a tip that Lewis Unglesby (of Slabbed butt call fame) was part of the legal team involved on the back end of the Sherry murders is the genesis of this post.

So what does Ed Meese have to do with Lewis Unglesby and conservative values? How about drug running for starters as we take a look back in time to the mid 1980s and examine the case of CIA operative Barry Seal, specifically his murder, which was pinned on the Columbian Drug cartels. The Washington Weekly told the story about a decade later in August 1997 and it is there we begin:

“The biggest drug smuggler in American History was a CIA Agent.”

That’s the mind-boggling conclusion of a 6-month investigation into the life and death of Barry Seal, a pivotal figure of the Iran/Contra ’80s. Seal’s C123 military cargo plane figured prominently in two of the biggest and least-understood events of the decade, the Sandinista ‘drug- sting’ operation, designed to be the ‘Gulf of Tonkin Incident’ in a US- Nicaragua war, and the downing, six months after Seal’s assassination, of his beloved Fat Lady cargo plane over Nicaragua, with Eugene Hasenfus onboard, precipitating what came to be known, mistakenly, as Iran/Contra.

We have learned that the official cover-up of Seal’s CIA affiliation began before his body was cold. Continue reading “So Ed Meese wants to talk “conservative values”. Is drug running conservative? Slabbed reports you decide.”

Last post of the old year before we ring in the new: Giving thanks, various news, a poem and a Slabbed musical repeat

We’re supposed to be thankful at Thanksgiving and though I was, I didn’t post Thanksgiving wishes. So before we ring out the old year let me start by saying thanks to Nowdy for sticking around for our second year online into our third. She is truly an angel to the people of the Gulf Coast. I’d also like to thank our commenters especially all our regulars and Sup who I’m certain at times just wants to pull his hair out trying to “reason” with us but who remains incredibly kind to us in spite of that. Next up are the lawyers that make sure we keep our I’s dotted and T’s crossed.  The dedication of the trial bar to seeing justice done for ordinary people is truly inspiring. I’d also like to express our gratitude to Congressman Gene Taylor and his staff, especially Brian, Ana Maria and Stephen who are our tireless advocates for the coast, both here and in DC. Without Gene holding the insurance industry’s feet to the fire, what happened here after Katrina would certainly have been swept under the carpet.

I’d also like to think the journalists that read us along with the folks at WLOX.  I don’t cut poor ol’ Dave Vincent much slack but whenever I’ve been in the mood to kick a member of the media in the kiester Dave has always been most accommodating offering up his hiney with a big target on it. (Sponsored by the Mississippi Coast State Farm agents no less!)

I thank our many readers that literally hail from across the world for coming back again and again reading our posts, even Amy and Robert Bullstroke.

I’d also like to thank Editilla over at the Ladder who always gives us too much credit. Brother, folks like you are the reason we do this. Finally I’d like to thank former Louisiana Insurance Commission Jim Brown for his support and encouragement in this endeavor called Slabbed.  Jim gives us his column to publish weekly and does many things behind the scenes such making sure we had an evalutaion copy of the now sold out Edwin Edwards Biography.  Jim is strictly first class.  Now for some news stories I’ve accumulated over the past few days for your enjoyment. Continue reading “Last post of the old year before we ring in the new: Giving thanks, various news, a poem and a Slabbed musical repeat”