The Times Picayune rolls out more coverage of the Waste Management suit against River Birch

And the story written by Paul Rioux and Frank Donze advanced yesterday’s reporting by including quotes from team Willard-Lewis, who deny being whores for Team River Birch. But it was the comments to the story that really jogged my memory folks.

Jason Berry over American Zombie and I don’t personally visit nearly enough, but we’re taking leads from differing sources that appear to be pushing us both toward the same end game.  Along those lines Jason’s post from June of this past year, Let’s call it a rattlesnake rodeo is such an example folks and in light of current events it is a must read. Put another way we are not coordinating our coverage but it appears the bloggers have a pincer movement of sorts going with Slabbed coming in from Jefferson Parish and Jason from Orleans and both of us are closing in on 5531 St Charles Avenue.

In her column today Stephanie Grace tackles the topic of renaming the Danziger Bridge in favor of the innocent people who were gunned down in cold blood by the NOPD after Katrina. That event will go down as the one that changed local perceptions of the NOPD forever as citizens are demanding change and will accept nothing less than a complete overall of NOPD.  I mention this because at the end of what we call the Jefferson Parish Political Corruption Scandal I can easily imagine that perceptions of the people and institutions that are front and center in running this entire area will be forever altered as the puppet masters and the media outlets on their string such Entercom Communications WWL Radio are revealed as filthy accomplices to the systemic corruption that has plagued this area for generations. The institutions include the Federal Courthouse on Poydras Street too, which has produced luminaries like Thomas Porteous and the corrupt judge he replaced in Robert Collins as we find the past lives to this day in the present. Continue reading “The Times Picayune rolls out more coverage of the Waste Management suit against River Birch”

BREAKING: Waste Management files suit against River Birch, Heebe and Jim Ward.

Hat tip Jr in comments for linking the AP story on Fox 8 regarding same. The RICO complaint is full of salacious details as once again Heebe’s waterboys in the local media take center stage:

In addition to bribing public officials to directly pervert the political process, the River Birch Defendants took other actions to successfully manufacture the appearance of “public opposition” to that landfill so as to prevent or delay competition from Waste Management’s Chef Menteur facility. Specifically, the River Birch Defendants made a substantial, undisclosed interest free and unrecorded “loan” of $250,000 to radio host Garland Robinette after Mr. Robinette, armed with false and misleading information in direct contravention of the LDEQ’s informed opinion, routinely railed against the purportedly harmful environmental consequences of opening and operating the Chef Menteur and Old Gentilly landfills. So effective was Mr. Robinette in corrupting the public dialogue that even the LDEQ felt it was unable to communicate its position on the benefits of the Chef Menteur and Old Gentilly landfills as safe and valuable alternatives to disposal at the River Birch landfills.

And Team Waste Management is squarely targeting Heebe’s lawyers as it appears they are witnesses to this entire affair: Continue reading “BREAKING: Waste Management files suit against River Birch, Heebe and Jim Ward.”