Tabulating the cost of the Vandenweghe settlement to the taxpayer: Phelps Dunbar’s pound of flesh

Methinks TheRiot v the Blogsphere is also included in the $145,394 taxpayer funded bill for legal services. A truly sad state of affairs folks.  (H/T Citizens for Good Government and the divine M&M sisters)


Anne Marie Vandenweghe has issued the following press statement (Updated)

It was with disbelief that I read the details of my Settlement splashed across the page of the local paper ( online and hard copy). I was doubly shocked to discover that the Parish Attorney, Ms. Foshee, was quoted in the article and had allegedly emailed information to the reporter.

It was in fact Foshee and her outside counsel at Phelps Dunbar who insisted on a Confidentialty Clause so her releasing any information is interesting at the least.

Whatever ulterior motives the Parish of Jefferson and/or their representatives harbor, such unprofessional behavior is indicative of what is still very wrong in Parish government.

Whether it violates conditions of the Settlement thus warranting sanctions I leave to my attorney Bobby Truitt to determine.

Update: Parish Attorney Deb Foshee has issued the following response. Continue reading “Anne Marie Vandenweghe has issued the following press statement (Updated)”

I understand the Vandenweghe settlement has been signed, sealed and delivered

And history will note the saga of the workplace retaliation taken against whistleblower Anne Marie Vandenweghe is Slabbed’s second real time account of such events lest we forget Cori and Kerri Rigsby.  I know it certainly would not appear this way to Team Vandenweghe, but against State Farm the thugs in Jefferson Parish Government are mere pikers. Nonetheless, I’d like to congratulate the Young Administration and Team AMV for resolving this matter in the best interest of the local taxpayers.

Details of the deal are confidential and it is a safe assumption that there is a golden handcuff component because I did not hear about the finalization of the settlement, first reported on Slabbed, from anyone connected to Team Vandenweghe. Then again my sources in Jefferson Parish are second to none despite the fact I generally do not play with politicians as a general rule.

I mention all this because I intend to tell the story from my perspective of a journalist that witnessed many of the events from my perch at Slabbed real time over the past 3 plus years including the events that I think led to what became the prosecutions of Aaron Broussard, Tom Wilkinson, Tim Whitmer and Karen Parker.  I hope Nassim Taleb approves because it is truly a tale of chance mixed with epic douchebaggery that resulted in multiple felony convictions against multiple parties.

But before that happens I have one small matter in the NOLA CDC that will need to be tended to as Aaron Broussard’s former partner in the legal department of the Super 8 Motel on Clearview Parkway, Danny Abel has filed another defamation suit against me, Vandenweghe as well as every one of my Louisiana based attorneys in Bobby Truitt, Scott Sternberg, Brodie Glenn and Baldwin Haspel managing partner Paul Vance as well as the law firm itself via a screed that is essentially a recycled version of the defamation suit Abel walked away from in the LAED back in May of this year on the eve of my special motion to strike his complaint under Louisiana’s Anti SLAPP Statute. Judge Piper Griffin has been assigned the case.

The abiding question: Why did Judge Brown recuse herself from Vandenweghe v Jefferson Parish

This is the question I have been asking myself for a few weeks now. Some of you folks may remember I did something over the Christmas Break I have never done, ever in the history of Slabbed: I pulled a post. Tomorrow I hope to roll it back out thanks to a steer Slabbed received from a new friend and share the impetus for writing it to begin with. Whatever the truth is, it is far bigger than Slabbed New Media and I think we’re closing in.

At today’s Jefferson Parish Council meeting……..

I’m getting word the gang spent 90 minutes or so behind closed-doors discussing the Vandenweghe v Parish of Jefferson. For those of you catching up Anne Marie Vandenweghe was harassed and ultimately fired from her job in the Parish Attorney’s office because she was seen as cooperating too vigorously with federal prosecutors investigating Broussard era corruption.

To the extent Parish Prez John Young is due before the cameras next week for his video deposition I am seeing hints on the PACER docket that, just like the post Katrina insurance litigation, Phelps Dunbar is incapable of trying a case without resorting to cheating and trickery as they have evidently been sandbagging emails in discovery.  Thank goodness I posted a few specimen emails discussing AMV in late July as it is my understanding Phelps Dunbar initially said none existed.

Worth noting is that one of Mary Landrieu favorites for US Attorney, Kim Boyles, was an early participant in both TheRiot’s ill-advised lawsuit against the blogosphere and in the continued retaliation against Vandenweghe.  Can you imagine what a disaster this cesspool lovin’ miscreant would make as Jim Letten’s replacement! Speaking of that I wonder if Mike Magner will be testifying in the upcoming trial?  😉

Stay tuned.

Oh sweet Lord do I have an update on Vandenweghe v Jefferson Parish!

We have video depositions coming soon but for those of you that want a literal behind the scenes peek at recent events in Vandenweghe v Jefferson Parish should check it out below the jump. Continue reading “Oh sweet Lord do I have an update on Vandenweghe v Jefferson Parish!”

Let’s begin to unify the Concrete Busters suit against River Birch and the Vandenweghe suit against Jefferson Parish

Actually we’ll let Team Vandenweghe connect those dots. (Recent Slabbed coverage here, here and here). Hot off the presses folks:


Citizens for Good Government issues statement on the return of the Vandenweghe hard drive.

Supporters of Good Government:

You may have noticed in Saturday’s Times-Picayune that ex-Assistant Jefferson Parish Attorney Anne Marie Vandenweghe “has struck an arrangement with the parish attorney’s office to have her emails and a copy of the hard drive of her work computer returned to her,” according to her attorney, Bobby Truitt. This article may be viewed on

Before she was terminated in November 2010, Ms. Vandenweghe had to work for six months without being permitted access to her workplace computer or emails which she had generated and received in conjunction with her job running the Public Records Department. She therefore filed a lawsuit in October 2010 against our Jefferson Parish government in an effort to regain her old computer and emails.

At the November 3rd, 2010 Jefferson Parish Council meeting, Citizens for Good Government Vice-Chairman Margie Seemann expressed our outrage that instead of settling with Ms. Vandenweghe and giving her back her computer and emails, our government chose to waste a huge amount of taxpayer dollars on the expensive outside legal firm, Phelps Dunbar, to defend this indefensible action of our government. Continue reading “Citizens for Good Government issues statement on the return of the Vandenweghe hard drive.”