The first substantive rumor on the crash and burn of the River Birch Investigation has arrived on the Slabb

I’m not going to repeat it but I will say it points the finger at the FBI. Meantime Manuel Torres over at NOLA has a good story on the aftermath of said crash and burn on Mark Titus, Hank Ton and Henry Mouton.

The crushing of Big D continues as Hendrikus “Hank” Ton cops a plea and agrees to squeal

So now that Dominick “Big D” Fazzio’s brother in law Mark Titus has gone down in flames left to prepare for his upcoming trial with Big D from the pokey the newest defendant in the various alleged Fazzio criminal schemes, Hendrikus “Hank” Ton has copped a plea and agreed to testify against Fazzio, whose legal plight was well summarized by his attorney Buddy Lemann as quoted by Nola Media Group’s Manuel Torres:

“The guy who saved himself more than $3.5 million faces no more than 10 years,” Lemann said, referring to Ton’s maximum possible prison sentence. “But my client, the guy who simply filed the tax returns for fees that totaled no more than $15,000, faces 50 years. It’s absurd.”

Far from absurd this is the reality that is facing Fazzio and with Ton as a witness against him things are looking bad in Big D.  And with the federal grand jury closing in on Ray Ray the Chocolate Guy things are heating up as the cross hairs center on River Birch Landfill.