DMR on my mind: Scott Walker’s skin thins, Jim Hood and Stacey Pickering Obstruct and the blood letting at the Bolton Building continues

That post title is a mouthful folks. Let’s begin with Scott Walker as his lawyer filed a motion to keep Walker’s sentencing letters off the record.

Scott Walker to judge: Keep sentencing letters private ~ Anita Lee

Judge Starrett is construing motions from letters that Anita sent the court asking for access to the sentencing letters. The variations in how sentencing letters are handled vary across and within the various Federal Court districts and that variation is somewhat disconcerting. In Louisiana Eastern, sentencing letters are made available via PACER as a general rule without anyone in the media having to file motions to intervene and having to ask for them.  Here in Mississippi, Judge Ozerden released Roger and Sharon Ladner’s sentencing letters in the same way per my inspection of the docket in that case.

Last month at Bill Walker’s sentencing Judge Starrett mentioned that the jurisprudence in the area of sentencing letter release was well settled.  Walker’s motion in opposition to Anita’s request for the release of the letters prominently mentioned the fact that Judge William Steele over in Mobile withheld the letters in USA v Byrd, where the former Jackson County Sheriff got off very light, some would say “Judge Ginger light” and that is saying something.  I’m not yet convinced Steele had anything right in his ruling on the Byrd letters.

If I had to argue against one point Arthur Madden made in the Scott Walker motion, Continue reading “DMR on my mind: Scott Walker’s skin thins, Jim Hood and Stacey Pickering Obstruct and the blood letting at the Bolton Building continues”

This has some real possibilities…..

New details emerge in Ladner scheme ~ Dwayne Bremer

So now we know the FBI had at least one mole in Hancock County after Hurricane Katrina and I would be willing to bet they had more than one. I say that because of certain persistent rumors that I would hear from time to time about the FBI knocking around the County Administration Building.

I guarantee Dewayne’s story has started some speculation as to which one of the contractors, all of whose names were redacted in the pleadings in the Ladner Criminal case wore a wire for the FBI.  I may have to shake the tree because the possibilities are intriguing.

Vital background here.

Mississippi Miscallany: The reason there is a website called Slabbed.Org

Minor family wins $1.56 million verdict against USAA in Jackson County court ~ Anita Lee

USAA attorney Greg Copeland did not return a telephone call to comment about the case.

Gee, seems like just yesterday Copeland was backslapping and celebrating……

No ruling on Jackson County Sheriff Mike Byrd’s bond revocation today ~ April Havens

Government rebuts Ladner’s collusion complaint ~ Dwayne Bremer

Rocks crush Sumrall, 55-0 ~ Joe Gex II

Former Hancock County Road Manager indicted for Katrina related crimes…..

Periodically the community here is swept by rumors of elected officials being arrested etc related to double-dealing with federal recovery funds. The rumors are based on observations of the FBI periodically visiting the local courthouse and certain official actions taken against the former Road Manager, Roger Ladner and his wife Sharon.

The bottom line is the local Board of Supervisors over delegated authority to then road manager Roger Ladner and according to the Feds, Ladner and his wife then proceeded to steal over a cool million of FEMA cleanup funds.  Now the Ladners are paying the piper as they were indicted last week by the federal grand jury. Yesterday they pleaded Not Guilty and now have a March 5th trial date.

We’ll be keeping an eye on this folks.