B-E double R-I-G-A-N spells Berrigan: And dat be good for me!

Shazam folks, whenever Judge Berrigan enters the news cycle business picks up here on Slabbed. I think by now everyone knows Judge Berrigan went well under the sentencing guidelines with the 10 year sentence she gave Ray Ray the Chocolate Guy. People are not happy so here is a salient link and a couple blasts from the past:

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It looks to me like Judge Berrigan tooks Jeffrey’s advice knocking off 5 years.  What we are missing in the equation is Lee Zurik.

Worth noting is Mark St. Pierre got 17 for his role in Nagin era corruption. Normally the pols get locked up while those that bribe them get off scott free. St. Pierre was unlucky in that he did not draw Judge Berrigan. Same for Jonathan Bolar.

From the sewer in Jefferson Parish to the sewer at the Governors Mansion in Jackson its rotten to the core

Hat Tip RFP in comments who just left the mother of all links in Phil Bryant’s major campaign contributors in one Timothy P Bonura of All South Consulting Engineers. This is not the first time Phil or an organization very close to Phil Bryant surfaces in a corruption scandal in metro New Orleans lest we forget USA v St Pierre.

Prisoner’s Dilemma back in the news….

Stephanie Grace and James Gill tacked the topic of the 7 year sentence given Rene Gill Pratt for her role in the Jefferson clan scheme to loot out bogus charities funded in part by state/federal earmarks.   We saw the outrage at the sentencing disparity between Betty Jefferson and Rene Gill Pratt on these pages late last week as the topic is framed that Gill Pratt got a stiff sentence because she elected to go to trial and fight the charges while Betty Jefferson essentially received a free pass.  My own opinion is I do not accept that argument to frame this issue.

Way back on these pages I revealed I was a student of low-level game theory and certain related branches of mathematics.  Game Theory 101 includes the concept of prisoner’s dilemma, a topic that has appeared several times on these pages. The bottom line is that the person in legal trouble who cuts the first deal gets the best deal and those that do not roll over end up steamrolled if guilty.  For example, in the continuing criminal investigation involving shit house double-dealing in the Nagin Administration, Greg Meffert wisely chose to cut a deal and will no doubt get a much lesser sentence than the one given Mark St Pierre. St Pierre thought he could con his way out to the bitter end and the results were very bad for him.  Was the sentence a punishment for electing to fight until the bitter end or is it the well deserved fruits of his illegal activity, proven beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law?  I gravitate to the latter point of view personally.

None of this means that Betty Jefferson isn’t a piece of walking excrement Continue reading “Prisoner’s Dilemma back in the news….”

Laissez les coups bas continuent: Jiff takes another powder.

You just knew instinctively something else was going on here folks so I’ll toot my own horn a wee bit:

The possibilities here are delicious IMA as this entire Plaquemines Parish deal is rife with backstabbing potential.

So what do we now know besides the fact Jiff took a power and copped an early plea?

  1. He wore a wire on Aaron Bennett.
  2. If it is true that Aaron Bennett will be charged later via Bill of Information he too has taken a plea deal.
  3. This whole deal leads to Washington DC.
  4. Billy Nungesser is so fucked.

I would encourage Lee Zurick to keep digging. For my part I have been digging on former Jackson City Councilman Chip Reno who now heads the Talon Group, lobbyists that came up during Mark St Pierre’s trial.  Chip’s peeps populate the Phildo Bryant Campaign as I now openly wonder if former Thad Cochran staffer Ann Copeland took favors from more folks than Jack Abramoff.  This is fertile ground here in Mississippi too folks.

There are forces at work to white wash this whole deal as we speak. Thank goodness DoJ DC is running the show.


Rut Roh! Forfeiture…….

Oh the memorie$$$$$$$$ but I’m rule 301 so I ain’t sayin’.

That said we get word today from Hammerman that Judge Fallon has placed what is left of Mark St Pierre’s nuts in the ol’ forfeiture vice to the tune of a cool $3.2MM.  This news means Stacy’s chances of going cougar while hubby is away doing 20 plus have taken a real hit. IMHO Marky Mark is finding out first hand that covering for Ray Ray the Chocolate Guy is hazardous to ones freedom and financial well-being.

I wouldn’t want to spoil any futures surprises for Team St Pierre but Uncle Sam has a staff of repo men at the ready. They are also known as US Marshals and them guys are pretty adept at their trade.  I’d be nice to them if it were me.


The Times Picayune becomes hip to why legal conflicts of interest are not in the public’s interest.

And they even wrote an editorial yesterday to prove it.  Here at Slabbed we’ve been hip to that concept for quite some time most recently in the case of BP using a middle man to purchase certain Louisiana politicians such as Bobby Jindal, Mary Landrieu and such.  I bet USA v St Pierre left an impression with the folks at the T-P as well as ol’ Marky Mark used Jackson based lawyer Danny Drake to do some of his dirty work. Welcome aboard guys.  😉


Laying down the Hammer: Hammerman asks about what Ray Nagin knew and when in the St Pierre saga

And the Hammerman concludes Ray Nagin was pretty stupid but he included this exchange involving Jackson based lawyer Danny Drake, Meffert and St. Pierre in his story on what Nagin knew and when he knew it:

In emails discussing the letter to the mayor with Meffert and their lawyer, Danny Drake, it didn’t appear that St. Pierre was trying to inform the mayor. It really came from Meffert, who suggested there was another reason to write it.

“Ok, this is my final proposed letter, this might help while still protecting all of us and without boxing us in,” Meffert wrote in an email to St. Pierre and Drake.

“OK, and just so I understand, this is a letter from me to the mayor, correct?” St. Pierre wrote back. Continue reading “Laying down the Hammer: Hammerman asks about what Ray Nagin knew and when in the St Pierre saga”

Here is a tip for ya Mark. Don't bend over to pick up the soap. Jury finds Mark St Pierre guilty on all counts.

And as I expected St Pierre was taken into custody immediately. Hat tip ‘gate in comments with the news.

Letten still has Ray Ray the Chocolate Guy plus St Pierre’s sack of shit politician/daddy to prosecute based upon what we heard in the testimony.

Congratulations to Team Letten.


BREAKING: Mark St Pierre went after area blogger after St Pierre's shithouse deals with Meffert and the sex yacht broke on American Zombie.

I’m working on a comprehensive Mark St Pierre post but this last bit of news from the courthouse can’t wait.

We’ve visited on this general topic before but today we again find out the true price of free speech, specifically in investigative blogging as evidence reveals that Mark St. Pierre went after blogger Jason Berry at American Zombie via neighborhood canvas after Jason broke to the world news of the now infamous sex Yacht used to bribe officials with the City of New Orleans. Hammerman has the scoop:

In mid-2006, when the American Zombie blog began the questions about St. Pierre’s use of a yacht for parties for Meffert and Meffert’s access to a corporate credit card, St. Pierre had the blogger investigated. An email presented by prosecutors showed that St. Pierre found out the then-anonymous blogger’s name, Jason Berry, as well as the names of his wife and children.

“The only thing we don’t know is his address and social security number,” St. Pierre bragged to his friends via email.

We have a bit of experience with these type things here at Slabbed. I’ll add the only thing worse than a crook stealing massive amounts of tax money is a crook that has the dishonest behavior rationalized like St Pierre because they tend to do stupid ass things like run a neighborhood canvas on a Continue reading “BREAKING: Mark St Pierre went after area blogger after St Pierre's shithouse deals with Meffert and the sex yacht broke on American Zombie.”