A reader was kind enough to point out…….

That when a long time public official is indicted, the loons come outta the woodwork. I’ve seen this phenomenon here in Mississippi a time or two, after former Circuit Court Judge Bobby Delaughter was indicted being one such instance that immediately comes to mind. In any event the circus and freak show surrounding the Walter Reed prosecution may well be worth the price of admittance alone not to mention what comes out in the courtroom.

Moving right along and in keeping with our recent political theme of sex, drugs and rock n roll:

Dave Peralta indicted: He gambled campaign contributions at casinos, grand jury says ~ Benjamin Alexander-Bloch

And this does not even count the long running spousal rape saga. It may well be a long hot summer this election year.

Louisiana legal four pack: It is good to feel loved

Let’s start next door in St Slammany Parish:

Former St. Tammany DA Walter Reed indicted on multiple counts of wire, mail fraud, money laundering, filing false statements to IRS ~ Sara Pagones

Considering Reed’s history as ST Slammany DA the following is rich!

Steven Reed’s lawyer: Feds abusing discretion by including son in indictment of former DA ~ Gordon Russell

Slabbed has done nothing on the above except highlight the show. Gordon Russell and Lee Zurik get the props for bring the story home. Next up for Reed and his son is the hangin’.

Moving right along is a two pack Slabbed New Media was right in the thick of in the prosecution of former Parish Prez Aaron Broussard of the Goatherder Crime Family and the mental meltdown of former Assistant US Attorney Sal Perricone:

Writers’ block would be a mercy for former federal prosecutor Sal Perricone ~ James Gill

James’ column represents sweet serendipity because just yesterday, somewhere around 12:30, I had a fantasy concerning Continue reading “Louisiana legal four pack: It is good to feel loved”