Well Lee, you weren’t the only guy who couldn’t get ol’ Harry on the line…..

Feds investigate former St. Charles DA ~ Lee Zurik, January 24, 2013

The FBI has requested records from the Clerk of Court’s office, and our sources say the probe involves DWI’s and alleged sexual favors.

If I was a newspaper reporter I’d ask Jim Letten why St Charles Parish DA Harry Morel Jr decided to call it quits ~ Doug Handshoe, September 9, 2011

Gee Lee, what source would that be?

Trading leniency for sexual favors perhaps? Maybe instead of being allowed to resign the man should be prosecuted. JMHO

I’d like to remind our local media friends of the creative commons license Slabbed displays on the right side bar.  I’m not asking for money, nor am I looking for a share of a Peabody award.  Attribution is all I require.

Is this a sign the Virginian is undoing some of the more curious Team Letten decisions, as previously documented on these pages?  An apology to AROD would be certainly be in order IMHO.

At the risk of being seen as piling on: AROD speaks on the disaster in Jim Letten’s office!

Ashton O’Dwyer’s absence from the Slabbed scene has been the subject of several reader emails and I did make periodic attempts to contact him to no avail. O’Dwyer is known as AROD or Omega Man in the two state blogosphere which Slabbed focuses. Ashton was the subject of a criminal prosecution by US Attorney Jim Letten’s office that Slabbed termed a political prosecution as a matter of editorial policy because that is exactly what is was. You newbies that would like to catch up on one of Slabbed’s most read topics should click here and here (and strap yourselves in).

I mention all this because several readers know that something is missing from the latest disaster at the office of the US Attorney and that was the guy said US Attorney prosecuted on trumped-up threat charges so I said to myself, “you gotta get up with AROD pronto”. So it was said thus it was done. 😉

Ashton said to tell his peeps on the internet hello. He asked about ‘Gate, Lockem and Patricia and said to express his warm personal regards and holiday best wishes to Jan Mann, Sal Perricone and Greg Kennedy.

He has taken some time away for himself and I think that is a good thing. When the time is right he says he’ll stop in and say hi personally.

I’ve had several inquiries about Ashton O’Dwyer from new readers lately……

Luckily for everyone I do not have to reinvent the wheel.  Vital background on the subsequent political persecution of AROD by US Attorney Jim Letten can be found by clicking the post tag USA v O’Dwyer but it all began in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina as Professor Carl Bernofsky over at TulaneLink reports:

Abduction and Torture

On Monday morning, September 19, 2005, O’Dwyer drove to Baton Rouge, Louisiana and filed the very first federal class action lawsuit on behalf of victims of Katrina in U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana, Civil Action No. 05-4181 [PDF]. That evening, he entertained two house guests, one of whom would retire for the night in a hammock on his patio because the lack of air conditioning left the house too hot for comfortable sleep. Using a generator to power a refrigerator and small television set, O’Dwyer rounded out the day by watching television on his patio with a glass of wine.

What happened shortly after midnight is best described by O’Dwyer in his own words, below, as adapted from Civil Action No. 06-7280 [PDF].

Continue reading at TulaneLink.


It is so true: Ashton meet Dick, Dick this is Ashton….

Just a few weeks ago, on September 27, 2011, the Fifth Circuit affirmed a district court’s dismissal of an indictment, in which the Government sought to criminalize speech. U.S. v. O’Dwyer, Slip Op, 2011 WL 4448739 (5th, 2011). There, the Government at least used an unambiguous statute, 18 U.S.C. § 875(c), which criminalizes the interstate communication of certain threats. O’Dwyer sent an email to the chambers of a federal bankruptcy judge, trying to influence him to grant certain relief, including the following language: “suppose I become ‘homicidal’? Given the recent ‘security breach’ at 500 Poydras Street, a number of scoundrels might be at risk if I DO become homicidal.” Id., at *1. The trial court and the Fifth Circuit held that even this scary language designed to influence a judge was protected by the First Amendment, such that the Government’s indictment must be dismissed. O’Dwyer was granted a judgment on the pleadings.

Hi Gang, anything happen while I was out?

Several things in fact but I am internet limited except for my phone so I must be off to the bat cave. Coming up:

We have election day Saturday. Some pundit on Toolman in the morning said he expected low turnout.

George Peterson was kind enough to invite me to his place Saturday night. I’m chasing my teenage boy so I’ll have to pass on it but I appreciate the thought.

I understand where yat hat day was a success. No word yet on PJ day.

I’ve not seen the pdf yet but I understand USA v O’Dwyer was cited in a Dick Scruggs pleading. The ironies are rich.

We have a new episode of Magnum JD coming. Meantime I hear he joined hands with his former partners, sang kumbaya and settled the suits with them including his own Bro.

Secret Agent 99 was been busy so I have a copy of the first CDC suit inspired by River Birch to close the Old Gentilly Landfill.

Finally we have some politics and video poker on tap. We’ve been there and done this once folks. Time to do it again.

Plus there is more. Stay tuned.


Real Treme: James Gill does AROD

Anyone inclined to root for the underdog will have to rejoice that Ashton O’Dwyer has finally won a round. Dogs don’t get much more under than O’Dwyer, who before Katrina was a well regarded maritime lawyer with a leading New Orleans firm. Now he is on his own, bankrupt and banned from both state and federal courts. He has, though never convicted, been jailed twice. He is entirely responsible for his own downfall, but it would have been a punishment too far had the feds succeeded in their attempt to convict him of a crime that carries a maximum sentence of five years.

Read more.

BREAKING: AROD wins one at the 5th Circuit. His political prosecution is over.

Folks I just got off the phone with Ashton and his nightmare prosecution on trumped-up charges is over. For those of you wanting to catch up with Slabbed’s coverage of the political prosecution of Ashton O’Dwyer can click here.  We’ll have the opinion soon and hopefully Ashton will be back online with us. Behind the scenes certain members of the Slabbed Nation have taken the on the task of getting Ashton a reliable computer as we are not only a Slabbed Nation of bloggers but also an extended family as well. Fractious yes but family nonetheless.

File this one under Sunshine equals justice.


Professor Bernofsky would like a word with the House Judiciary Committee…..

Late last week the T-P’s Bruce Alpert had a story on 2 local US Court nominees that described a virtual love-in for Stephen Higginson and Jane Triche-Milazzo for open spots on the 5th Circuit and LAED respectively. As fate would have it I met Jane Triche-Milazzo many years ago and was impressed by her and her family. To date I’ve heard very little criticism of Triche-Milazzo but Higginson is a different story as late last week I also disclosed our own Ashton O’Dwyer wrote the Senate Judiciary committee regarding Higginson, specifically his involvement in the travesty of justice/political prosecution of him, a topic we’ve covered since the very beginning of that part of the O’Dwyer Katrina saga. Higginson wrote the Team Letten appeal of Judge Walter’s dismissal of the bogus charges against him.

I do not know the behind the scenes politics involved that would cause Jim Letten to risk his rep abusing the powers of his office on some sort of personal vendetta against a broken, very troubled man but I suspect it contains an element of stupidity derived from being too close to the subject matter in question. Whatever the case others have also noticed and this story crossed over to the Times Picayune yesterday as the T-P featured Professor Carl Bernofsky’s remarks about Higginson and his involvement in the political prosecution of Ashton.  This story clearly hit a sore spot in certain prosecutorial circles as witnessed by the comments, which branded Professor Bernofsky as a nut case. My own thoughts after examining the injustice that was perpetrated on the good Professor by the interest conflicted Ginger Berrigan, a purported liberal jurist that never met an insurance company or murderer she failed to like, is that Carl is an eloquent and lucid advocate for judicial reform. And that fact is why Professor Bernofsky, his blog TulaneLink along with his advocacy on behalf of Team O’Dwyer has graced these pages in the past. Continue reading “Professor Bernofsky would like a word with the House Judiciary Committee…..”

Speaking of AROD………

I spoke with him early this morning. He reminded me he wrote the Senate Judiciary Committee recently. I’ll see if I can get a copy up later today.

Meantime he sends his regards to the Slabbed Nation and he sincerely apologizes for using racial epithets. (not really the last part but we can still hope anyway).