From the Slabbed finance page: Former FBI Agent Hal Neilson hired as CEO of Here Enterprises. Hedge Fund Manager Joseph Stilwell heads to court to silence bloggers

And what in the blue hell does this have to do with Slabbed? In the case of Mr Neilson some of my former partner in blog Nowdoucit’s finest blogging was done on that abortion of a prosecution that was USA v Neilson that included Slabbed classics such as FBI Agent Hal Neilson may face new trial by “selective punctuation” in “The Case of the Misplaced Modifiers” and “The Case of the Misplaced Modifiers” – FBI Agent Hal Neilson a victim of “selective punctuation” and his “trial by grammar”could result in “run-on sentence”!. We’re not just a hanging blog folks as we call these cases like we see ’em.  Lest I digress.

Yesterday Slabbed began getting site referrals from Investor Hub, the first US-based internet content provider to obtain relief under the US SPEECH Act. Irony aside it appears Mr Neilson has moved on getting a job as CEO at the publicly traded sub penny stock company Here Enterprises per this 8K filed yesterday with the Securities and Exchange Commission.  Shares of Here traded up 60% on the news but it still failed to break a penny in heavy trading yesterday on the pinks.  To the extent Mr Neilson is an outlier in that he actually beat federal criminal charges perhaps lightening will strike at his new employer, which is in the wind energy business.

Moving right along something that most people would consider bizarre happened on one of my old posts about Canadian Insurer Kingsway Financial Services, specifically that Hedge Fund manager Joe Stilwell belongs to a cult led by actress Sharon Gans, whose current occupation Wikipedia indeed lists as Cult Leader.  Normally I’d be intrigued but not much interested in such a sideshow to one of my posts but it appears Stilwell went to court recently to have information about himself removed from a blog about the Gans cult.  Frankly I have some heartburn about some of the information presented because it is not independently sourced, but then again these people claim to be survivor/escapees from the Gans cult who are far from your average proverbial anonymous bloggers so you have to take what they are saying with a bit more than a grain of salt.  For those so interested in reading what Stilwell went to court to have removed, click here. Stilwell specializes in extracting new age greenmail from smallish undervalued community banks besides investing heavily in insurers that run scams.


Slabbed and Ashley mentioned in the same sentence. And as fate would have it only now that she's gone is the genius behind Nowdy's work here becoming evident.

When I checked stats and Jason’s post on American Zombie about our coverage of the goings on in Oxpatch and read the comments, I was truly humbled to see one of the commenters mentioning us deserving the Ashley Award. For those who are not schooled in the lore of the local blogging community the Ashley Award is named for Ashley Morris, the granddaddy of us all who lost his life in the spring of 2008. Creighton Bernette from Treme’s first season was based on him in large part and his blog still lives to this day. It is a heck of an honor just to be mentioned in the same sentence.

Since our early days I thought our natural readership traffic would be largely along the I-10 corridor as we’re culturally similar. My former partner in blog Nowdy hailed from central Mississippi and while she was hip to this area she was hipper to the goings on from Jackson north. And when the Dick Scruggs prosecution met the insurance battles down here we naturally didn’t take things and the story line being peddled in both the main stream press and the blogs at face value.  Nowdy well knew of the time-honored tradition of bare knuckle vendetta, Mississippi style. For me the fact that State Farm so well-integrated into the news cycle was plenty enough.  She was ridiculed and derided for some of her work but by God it has somehow manged to survive the test of time in part.

I mention all this because some of the ridicule came from Tom Freeland aka NMC. He was advocating in USA v Scruggs on behalf of Judge Lackey, his daddy’s former law partner who evidently once had an office in that “quaint Victorian-style Jackson Avenue office” that “has housed lawyers since 1905.” I think William Falkner took a crap in the hall bathroom there once too. And since I brung it up I’ll add we’ve always stipulated Team Freeland bleeds blue. Along those same lines he also had IRS leins and they all put their pants on one leg at a time. But he also blogs and we’re better off for it (when he isn’t grinding an axe against Dick Scruggs or helping State Farm rat fuck ordinary people down here whose only sin was having full insurance coverage and losing their house to Hurricane Katrina) as his blog is at times very good. In fact this last January I personally recommended it to Jason at AZ and made sure Tom was aware if American Zombie. After all just because we fussed some doesn’t mean the material is crap. Bloggers are a very competitive bunch after all. Continue reading “Slabbed and Ashley mentioned in the same sentence. And as fate would have it only now that she's gone is the genius behind Nowdy's work here becoming evident.”

And it all comes tumbling down…..

In late 2008/early 2009 the Nation was captivated by the judicial bribery prosecution of Dickie Scruggs, his son Zach plus the greedy stooges in Tim Balducci and Steve Patterson among others. In a way the genesis of Slabbed lie in those events as Team Insurance, through various shills such as Portland Oregon Lawyer David Rossmiller that took the opportunity to screw over folks down here on the coast whose only “crime” was losing their homes to a hurricane and expecting their insurer to honor their contracts.

There has been a  fair amount about the Scruggs prosecution documented on these pages, mainly by the now on hiatus Nowdy who used the term Just Us justice to describe the behind the scenes crushing of Zach Scruggs in particular and indeed before she departed she wrote of Zach Scrugg’s attempt to have his guilty plea overturned based on the case facts and an intervening Supreme Court decision.

I’ve never had much of an interest in the carrying on of a bunch of power lawyers 300 plus miles away in North Mississippi before the folks down here on the coast got used as cheap props in the Scruggs scandal and believe me I come not to defend Dick Scruggs as he represents the worst of the legal profession in how he conducted himself professionally. That said I’m now beginning to wonder how much company he should have in the federal pen because it is becoming very clear some of Scruggs’ loudest critics aren’t much better people and this includes the US Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of Mississippi which even tried to eat its own young in the bogus prosecution of FBI Agent Hal Neilson last year.

I’ve been sitting on information about the Scruggs saga for well over a year.  Frankly with the revelations that the US Attorney’s office in Oxford seemed more interested in cashing via writing a book than doing justice in USA v Scruggs, the more recent revelations of prosecutorial misconduct in the case comes as no surprise. This is a topic that is beginning to call me, especially with news today that AUSA Bob Norman was disqualified by Judge Biggers from USA v Zach Scruggs for withholding information from the court salient to the case.

I personally think Zach knew about the bribe just as surely as the senior folks at Nutt and McAllister did, but I do not think the government had the evidence to prove it.  When things slow down a bit I’m going to review this case. It is becoming too compelling not to take a second look.

Edited 2/19/15

NEMS360 reports Neilson jury still deadlocked on some counts and working thru lunch

Hal Neilson’s jury foreman said about noon that they may be able to decide on one more count, but they are hopelessly deadlocked on the others.

Obviously, I’m not surprised by the the discussion reported in Patsy Brumfield’s rolling account of today’s events:

11:24 Attorneys called to the courtroom.

11:49 – Judge Aycock says the jury has a question. (She’s shares question with the attorneys.)

(Aycock apologizes to the courtroom participants that the room is frigid. She says they’ve had a unit malfunction, and that the jury room would be very hot, if the courtroom temp weren’t so low.)

Salomon confers with a new guy from Baton Rouge about the jury question. They look at a statute.

Neilson friend, attorney Duke Goza, explains what he knows to the crowd on that side of the room.

OK, Aycock says. As to the first question, if we agree some charges but deadlocked on others, will the counts we agree on will be retried? Continue reading “NEMS360 reports Neilson jury still deadlocked on some counts and working thru lunch”