B-E double R-I-G-A-N spells Berrigan: And dat be good for me!

Shazam folks, whenever Judge Berrigan enters the news cycle business picks up here on Slabbed. I think by now everyone knows Judge Berrigan went well under the sentencing guidelines with the 10 year sentence she gave Ray Ray the Chocolate Guy. People are not happy so here is a salient link and a couple blasts from the past:

Our Views: Too easy on Nagin ~ New Orleans Advocate Editorial Board

Old School Tuesday Music: I sense a major disturbance in the force ~ Slabbed 7/17/2012

I sense a bunch of pissed off Chalmations are digging dirt on Judge Ginger here on Slabbed ~ Slabbed July 8, 2011

Judge Ginger Berrigan, Welcome to the infirmary of the SLABBED ~ Slabbed February 18, 2009

It looks to me like Judge Berrigan tooks Jeffrey’s advice knocking off 5 years.  What we are missing in the equation is Lee Zurik.

Worth noting is Mark St. Pierre got 17 for his role in Nagin era corruption. Normally the pols get locked up while those that bribe them get off scott free. St. Pierre was unlucky in that he did not draw Judge Berrigan. Same for Jonathan Bolar.

Speaking of people that need to submit resignations…..

And here is today’s local news roundup.  We start with the legendary boozing constable, Tony Thomassie, who is harmless enough, except for the boozing while on tower and long rumored badge selling:

Embattled constable sues Jefferson Parish court for not using his services ~ Chad Calder

Next up things are not looking too good for the home team:

Bankruptcy trustee seeks sale of Brennan’s name, assets ~ Jaquetta White

Turns out that like Slabbed, Gordon Russell, John Simerman and company rake their muck the old fashioned way:

Reporters: FBI agents didn’t provide information of Telly Hankton’s probe ~ Manuel Torres

So this was, in reality, a fishing expedition for a reporter’s sources.  Gordon and John actually visited the FBI over on Leon C. Simon and signed into the official log documenting they were there, a truly cloak and dagger action if I ever saw one.   These guys do not need me to tell them how to best meet with the FBI but all the Hankton defense team did was reinforce a lesson with me on never meeting with the FBI at the FBI HQ on Leon C. Simon because you have to sign a log when you enter the building.  I’m glad to see the G men did not do anything stupid like two certain former US Attorneys.

Moving right along from the victory lap department, we have this on Team Ray Nagin: Continue reading “Speaking of people that need to submit resignations…..”

In other news, South Mississippi’s fluffer Congressman comes out of hiding

And folks he takes credit for fixing the disaster he created in Biggert Waters. The jackassery simply does not get any better IMHO:

Palazzo touts accomplishments, fight for flood insurance, against Obamacare~ Paul Hampton

Moving right along I smell “Big Dawg” and from the smell of ’em I think he has been cavorting with skunks:

Political play could block Zurich Classic from moving to new City Park golf course ~ Jeff Duncan

Nothing against Dunc as he is a decent enough sports writer but this story should have gone to someone else at NOLA. Just sayin’. Speaking of crack, seasoned journalists:

New details emerge in Jaren Lockhart’s murder and dismemberment case ~ Paul Purpura

I’m personally very leery of jailhouse confessions. Now from the bad days just got worse for Ray Ray the former Chocolatier:

Federal judge orders Ray Nagin to forfeit $501,201 ~ Gordon Russell

Finally, speaking of Gordon:

Reporters, FBI agents to face questions Wednesday at Telly Hankton hearing ~ Manuel Torres

Metro New Orleans Miscellany

First up is the Jefferson Parish Hospital debacle. I have sources that are telling me that Chris Roberts was right about HCA’s numbers not adding up. As unlikely as that appears it’s a subject well worth exploring in greater detail, especially given the 4-3 votes of late on the Hospital privatization process.

Next up are a couple of links from Gordon Russell over at the Advocate as today’s word for the day is Prescient as Slabbed once again takes a few minor victory laps.

Nagin’s lawyer failed to impress, but lackluster defense unlikely grounds for appeal

Analysis: Why Key Figure in Nagin case was never charged

And we have this from Drew Broach over at NOLA.

Aaron Broussard moves to federal prison in Tallahassee, Fla

FCI Tallahassee lists itself as a female prison thus it is not likely Broussard would end up there permanently.  I did notice there is a detention center at this facility as well. I continue to hear the former Goatherder in Chief is headed for Pensacola. We’ll see.

The letters everyone is looking for are NPD

Especially Gordon and Stephanie last night on Informed Sources. The estimated 1% of the populace that have NPD are found everywhere in society but are often seen clustered together at top of the heap at large institutions like Mayor of a Big City like New Orleans or even POTUS. After all, John Emerich Edward Dalberg Acton aka Lord Acton aka Baron Acton nailed it long ago:

Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men.

This does not mean all such people have Narcissistic Personality Disorder but I would posit that Ray Nagin’s time on the witness stand and his answers to the AUSA Coman’s questions make the most sense when viewed through that prism.

Speaking of prisms, meet the investigative journalist that broke the Ray Nagin scandal wide open in Ole Miss Alum Jason Berry of American Zombie via Clancy DuBos of Gambit:

Hours after a visibly humbled Ray Nagin took his post-conviction perp walk from the federal courthouse, I had the privilege of sitting down with the guy who actually uncovered the steaming pile of dung that became the case of United States of America v. C. Ray Nagin.

His name is Jason Berry. He is a blogger.

That’s right, a blogger broke open this scandal, on a blog called American Zombie (www.theamericanzombie.com). TV and newspaper reporters have crowed about their “scoops” on this story, but the truth is no one had it before Berry. His work continues on other investigative fronts, but he took time out to chat with me about the Nagin verdict.

The recognition is well deserved.

American Zombie: Nagin Trial (start the Jeopardy theme music)

Once again the bold predictions of the select group of seasoned lawyers that share such things with Slabbed are born out in spades.

I just left the courtroom after hearing the closing arguments. I’m honestly dumbfounded at the defense’s efforts. I thought maybe they would tie together everything they’ve done in the past week, or even lack of what they’ve done….but no dice. It was honestly painful for me to watch. I wanted to take over myself. How bad can it be if I want to help defend Ray Nagin?

Continue reading at American Zombie…….

Nagin takes the stand as the Magoo defense comes into sharper focus

By now everyone that does criminal law is familiar with the Chewbacca defense. Today Robert Jenkins and Ray Nagin present the Magoo Defense:

Nagin both folksy and testy during first day on the stand ~ Gordon Russell and John Simerman

Williams also testified that he and his partners were guests at the mayor’s Mardi Gras ball at Gallier Hall that same night, and that Nagin had embraced him and told him he had gotten him into the coveted “pool” of qualified engineers.

When Coman brought up the ball, Nagin sought to downplay its significance, saying Williams and his partners were there along with “about a thousand of my closest friends.” When the prosecutor flashed pictures of the event on a screen and asked Nagin to identify himself and Williams in a couple of frames, Nagin insisted several times he couldn’t recognize the engineer.


Ray Nagin: Chocolatier, “Human Sponge” and “Worse”

While Nagin’s lawyer Robert Jenkins is taken to school by the prosecutors we have missives from the Advocate worth highlighting. First Nagin the Human Sponge:

Prosecutors: As finances tanked, Nagin sought cash ~ Gordon Russell

And now worse:

Trial makes Nagin seem worse than we thought ~ Stephanie Grace

And for those wanting to know how the IRS can go all the way back to 2005 on his disHonner’s income taxes:

Even the IRS has limits ~ Robert Wood

Nagin Week 2: Wanna get away?

A cynic would point out Jason is assuming Nagin and Jenkins were engaged in critical thinking as he gives his first hand thoughts and impressions of the Week 1 testimony in USA v Nagin:

At this point I have no idea what Nagin and Jenkins were thinking by taking this to trial. The defense was basically out to lunch.

Betraying the lack of a working knowledge of the Federal Rules of Evidence is not a good sign for Team Nagin. These type things are what the group of seasoned lawyers talking with me are noticing. How about some lovely music. Continue reading “Nagin Week 2: Wanna get away?”